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Astiland is Professional Aesthetic Equipment Supplier with CE & ISO 13485 Certificated!

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If you are looking for an aesthetic equipment supplier, Astiland Medical Aesthetic Technology Co. Ltd will be the best choice for you. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of aesthetic equipment for 13 years, and all of our products are CE, and ISO13485 certified. We support OEM/ODM and can provide you with cost-effective aesthetic equipment/machines.

Aesthetic Equipment We Manufacture & Supply

Laser Hair Removal Equipment
Laser hair removal equipment is used to remove unwanted hair permanently with laser energy, this laser hair removal technology is painless and comfortable. We have diode laser machine, fiber laser machine, and SHR laser machine for different hair removal needs. They have different features and advantages. You can check our product category Laser Hair Removal Machine to learn more.

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HIFU Treatment Machine
HIFU, the abbreviation for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a new non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic method that uses ultrasound technology and the body’s own natural healing process to tighten and tone loose, sagging skin on your body and face. The use of high intensity focused ultrasound allows the technique to reach a specific point below the skin’s surface where it reaches the SMAS layer (muscle layer). It works deep below the surface to stimulate collagen growth without harming the outer layer of the skin. HIFU can be effective in improving skin problems such as wrinkles, sagging, or laxity. Its features include.
– Uses concentrated heat to precisely treat the SMAS layer, the middle layer of the skin.
– Reduces sagging and wrinkles.
– Stimulates collagen growth.
– Does not cause any trauma to the external skin layers.
We have 3D HIFU, 5D HIFU, 7D HIFU, and Vaginal HIFU to facilitate HIFU treatments for different areas as well as different needs.

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Hifem Sculpting Machine.
Hifem is a technology that uses high energy focused electromagnetic waves to train and increase muscle density and volume, tighten muscles, remove fat and achieve a slim and shapely body.
Hifem sculpting machine is an effective body shaping way. We offer ems slimming machine and also professional hifem sculpting plus RF technology equipment.

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine
Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine is a technique that uses freezing to remove unwanted fat. This method is safe and effective and has no side effects when done correctly.
We supply professional portable and vertical Cryolipolysis machines, as well as 4-in-1 advanced technologies in one system: Cryolipolysis, focused cavitation, lipolaser, and RF energy.

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Q Switched ND Yag Laser Machine 
Q-switched ND Yag laser is a technology that uses specific wavelengths of high-energy light to remove pigmentation, blemishes, tattoo, birthmarks, etc.
Astiland can supply portable, vertical professional ND YAG laser, and also manufactures SHR, Q Switched Nd Yag Laser, and Fractional RF multifunctional aesthetic devices.

In addition, we manufacture and supply LED light therapy machines for skin rejuvenation, and treatment of maculae, black sores, and folliculitis. Factional CO2 laser machine for wrinkle removal and vaginal tightening.
980 vein redness and lipolysis laser machines for spider veins removal, nail fungus treatment, laser liposuction, and laser pain relief physiotherapy.

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Professional Aesthetic Equipment Supplier

As a professional aesthetic equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide the following support.
Operational training support
In order to keep the aesthetic equipment can have an effective treatment process. We offer a variety of training support, including video operation of the machine, as well as video conference remote instruction, or our Madrid, Spain branch will provide on-site training guidance service.

Equipment Renewal Service
Medical aesthetic technology is changing rapidly, and we will continue to provide new technology and new products to meet new needs.

Clinical Support
We can provide mentoring by company clinical staff, or hold regional training sessions.

Astiland is a professional and trustworthy aesthetic equipment supplier. The aesthetic equipments we offer are delivered in high quality with guaranteed after-sales service. Welcome your inquiry!

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