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Astiland Participates in the 2022 Hunan (Changsha) Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair and Achieves a Great Success

Changsha Cross-Border E-Commerce fair

On July 22, 2022, Hunan (Changsha) Cross-border E-Commerce Fair was held at Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Astiland Medical Aesthetics Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the fair as one of the medical device enterprises.

The 22,000 square meter exhibition area includes five zones: Cross-border e-commerce platform zone, service provider zone, selected enterprises and industry zones, imported goods zone, comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, and special zones of key parks.

changsha e-commerce exhibition fair collage

In recent years, the development of cross-border e-commerce in Hunan has gained strong momentum.” The construction of the international logistics corridor of “water, land, air, and rail” has been accelerated. The whole industry chain and ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce has been continuously improved.

The medical device industry is a key industry supported by Hunan Provincial Government. The government pays special attention to the exhibitors and specially invited our company to participate in this exhibition with great support.
Government leaders also came to our booth on the first day of the exhibition to inspect the performance and development.

Astiland beauty machine exhibition
Our company brought a number of hot products to the exhibition, including LED light therapy machine, shock wave therapy machine, small LED light machine for home use, etc.
At the exhibition, our products were welcomed by many visitors and people came to watch the exhibition and communicate and negotiate.

changsha e-commerce exhibition Astiland beauty machine exhibition

Our PDT light therapy machines have been very well received, with many people taking photos and requesting information to find out more.
PDT treatment machine, or photodynamic therapy, is a new technology based on the interaction of light, photosensitizers, and oxygen, using photodynamic reactions for disease diagnosis and treatment. The photodynamic therapy machine uses different LEDs to form different wavelengths of light with different powers to act on the surface of the skin with different symptoms and on the subcutaneous tissue, which can effectively treat acne and pimples and achieve skin whitening, smoothing, wrinkle removal, and anti-aging treatment effects.

The shockwave therapy machine was also well received by people and many exhibitors tried the shockwave therapy shoulder massage. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive pneumatic ballistic shockwave that uses vibrations generated by the high-speed movement of vibrators in a cavity to generate energy, which is then coupled to the body through a gun-type probe. It can effectively treat joint pain, sports pain, muscle injuries, etc.

Astiland is a professional manufacturer of aesthetic machines, and we specialized in manufacturing and exporting aesthetic & beauty machines for 10 years, all beauty machine products have obtained CE and ISO13485 certifications. We provide cost-effective products for our clients. Welcome your inquiry!

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