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Astiland Released New Design Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

New design portable diode laser machine

Introduction to the Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine From Astiland

The portable diode laser hair removal machine is a small, lightweight device that can be easily carried anywhere. The laser device uses specific wavelengths of matching light and pulses to pass through the skin, where they are absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft, using the heat energy to destroy the cells responsible for regeneration, effectively damaging the hair follicle and removing the hair from the root. It is effective on all skin types and does not irritate or damage the epidermis.

new design portable diode laser hair removal machine

The Astiland laser hair removal machine can be applied to different areas of the body: body, face, bikini, and underarms. The device uses three wavelengths (755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm) for effective ice hair removal on all parts of the body. It has a 15″ true color touch screen that displays detailed setting information such as mode selection and intensity control. The machine also comes with a handle that has an automatic counting function. Treatment time depends on how many areas of skin you want to treat, but each area can take up to 20 minutes depending on your skin type and how much hair is in that area.

Benefits of Using a Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

A. It is a painless, fast, and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from the body.
B. The laser penetrates the skin and destroys any hair it comes into contact with.
C. There are no side effects from using this machine compared to other hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving.
D. The machine is portable, which makes it easy to use it anywhere without hassle or difficulty due to space constraints, lack of facilities, etc.
F. It saves money as you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars every month for waxing/shaving hair-prone areas such as legs, underarms, etc.

How the Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Works

The diode laser hair removal machine works by the laser pulse passing through the skin and into the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the active melanin in the hair, which turns it black. The laser then passes through the skin and heats the surrounding hair follicle tissue, which also destroys it. This process is known as ‘delivering energy’.

The wavelength of light used for hair removal treatment is between 755 and 1064 nm. Diode lasers have been shown to be effective in destroying hair follicle cells and permanently removing hair, so diode laser hair removal machine is ideal for treating hair removal.

Features of the New Design Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine New design, made of high-quality ABS and aluminum alloy in white color, good corrosion resistance. It is simple in structure and easy to carry.
The machine has a laser bar power of 600W, and the machine power is 2300W. The laser bar is imported from the USA and the handle can last up to 20,000,000 shots. The handle uses sapphire cooling technology and is able to maintain 0~-5°C contact cooling during the treatment, so the hair removal treatment is comfortable and there is no risk of burning the handle.

The portable diode laser hair removal machine can easily be used for different types of skin hair removal, without the need for additional treatments, as the results are permanent.

If you are looking to buy a portable diode laser hair removal machine for your beauty salon, clinic, or distribution, then Astiland portable diode laser hair removal machine may be a good choice for you. We have been specializing in the manufacture and export of laser hair removal machines as well as beauty machines for 13 years, and we are an ISO 13485 and CE certified factory. We will provide you with high-quality laser hair removal machines at a good price, with complete logistics and after-sales service guarantee.

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