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What is difference between IPL intense pulsed light and 808 diode laser hair removal?

When talk about hair removal, many beauty salon owners are often torn between IPL system or 808 laser hair removal device. What are the differences between them, and how should I choose actording to my business? What is the fundamental difference between these two instruments? Today I will explain to you.

1. Power system and handpiece are different
From the system perspective, the 808 hair removal system and the IPL system are
the same. The difference in configuration is that the power system is different. The
structure of the handpiece is different. But unlike IPL, the 808 hair removal
instrument must use a TEC refrigeration system or a compressor refrigeration system.
Otherwise, the heat dissipation of the laser cannot keep up.
IPL system construction shows below:

808nm diode laser structure shows below:

2. The output wavelength is difference IPL handpiece output a strong lght between 60-1200m(skin rejuvenation 50mm-1200nm). 808nm is a single wavelength, only target hair fles no harmto. surrounding skin.The wavelength near 808m has the deepest penetr ation depth, and from the skin structure map we know that the target tssue flilisi for hair removal arein the dermi, so the ideal hair removal wavelength is sil 808m. But we can also see that the wavelength between 640nm-1200m can reach the dermis, and it can also be depilated. Acording to theoretial studies, the 808 laser istument has a sinificant effecton darker and ticker hair such as armpit hair, leg hair, bikini hair, beard, etc. For the small and dark ip hairs on both sides of the upper lip, the photon hair removal device works better.

3.The lighs spots of the two equipment are different.

The general spot of IPL handpiece in the beauty equipment market is 15mm * 50mm,
10mm *40mm, 8mm * 40mm, etc.; 808 handpiece with spot: 10mm* 10mm,
12mm * 12mm, 12mm* 18mm, 14mm * 14mm, etc.;

4. The energy density is different.
Because the spot size is different, the output energy density is also different. The energy density of the IPL system can be 2J/cm2 -50J/cm2 ; while the energy density of the 808 laser system can be 5J/cm2 -100/cm2 (Of course, during the treatment process, the more energy is not the better)

5. The pulse width is different.
Generally, the single pulse setting of IPL is below 30ms (if the pulse width is larger, the output square wave will drop); while the 808 laser single pulse width can reach 300ms, and the waveform is still a perfect square wave.

6. The life span is different
As we all know, the xenon lamp for IPL is a consumable. After a certain number of shots, the energy is weaker. If you want to achieve the ideal effect, you must replace the xenon lamp. As for our DL-808, the number of laser shots of our 808 can reach more than 20 million shots. So, the 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device is more durable!

7. The price is different.
808nm laser system prices doouble than IPL. Why is it so expensive? Because the cost of a 808 laser is high.
IPL was popular in the past because  it is a lower cost technology ,but it  has limitations  in terms of power and, compare with the latest diode laser technology ,the treament maybe less effective and  has a higher potential side technology, maybe less effective and effects, and more uncomnfortable. The 808nm laser is the most  powerful diode laser for hair removal in the world.With this strength,it is also the fastest procedure, and the whole leg can be treated in 10-15 minutes. It also delivers each pulse very quickly (unique short pulse duration )which makes it effective  for both lighter, thinner. hair and darker,’,thicker hair,so you will get better treatment result, compared to IPL, which saves alot of time and money.In dditint, DL-808 has a very advanced comprehensive skin coling technology, which can ensure the skin surface always cool, comfortable and protected, so that the maximum energy penetrate into the hair follicles for best results. ln all  your budget and service to choose  the suitable technology.

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