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How to Choose an Affordable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine?

diode laser machine ROI

If you can’t afford the LightSheer® QUATTRO diode laser machine or Alma’s Soprano hair removal machine, you may want to look for an affordable alternative hair removal machine from China. Because China is known as the world’s largest manufacturer, Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal machine DL-808+ may be your best option. It combines the most powerful components and its price is very reasonable. There are both portable and upright options.

Now let’s look at 6 advantages of the Astiland diode laser hair removal machine.

1. High laser power: 1000W.
2. Coherent laser bars imported from the USA, 10 pcs of laser bars.
3. Powerful sapphire cooling built into the handle, maintaining 0~-5°C contact cooling for a comfortable and effective hair removal process.
4. Large spot size (up to 13mm x 40mm), less spot required to do more treatments.
5. Self-checking system to ensure stable function: overpressure protection, automatic checking of water flow and temperature.
6. Automatic mode control system. Flexible settings according to skin color, hair color, and gender.

Key factors to consider when choosing a diode laser hair removal machine

1. The ability to achieve excellent clinical results in hair removal

Achieving excellent clinical results in hair removal is based on

A. Handle design, spot size
For the same treatment area, when the treatment head is smaller, you need to fire more shots to cover (more shots means more $$$$), conversely,

the larger the treatment head, the larger the spot size fired, then only a few shots are needed to complete the hair removal treatment. Therefore, the size of the treatment head is the first consideration when buying a diode laser hair removal machine.

When using a larger treatment head, the light is delivered more evenly over the entire treatment area (especially larger areas such as the back) and is less likely to produce uneven results. The additional advantage of a larger treatment head is that its penetration depth can be greater than that of a smaller-sized treatment head.

With a spot size of 13*40 mm², the Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal has the highest configuration of any diode laser hair removal machine.

diode laser machine laser bar

B.Energy output
Using a large spot size on an underpowered machine will result in the light energy dissipating over the large spot, making the treatment ineffective. If you want a larger spot size, make sure the hair removal machine you are looking at has the power to handle a larger spot size.

The Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine DL-808+ has a total power of 1000 watts. The head has 10 laser wands, each with 100 watts of power. It can therefore easily handle a spot size of 13*40mm² without any doubt.

C. Integrated cooling during hair removal treatment
laser machine cooling system For diode laser hair removal machines, the ability to cool the skin during the hair removal treatment is essential to minimize the potential for pain, redness, burns, and excessive/hyperpigmentation. This is because the deeper the target tissue, the longer it takes for the heat to dissipate. Therefore, if there is not enough time for the heat to dissipate between shots during hair removal, you can easily build up the temperature in each successive shot, potentially creating a risk of burns. The ability of the laser hair removal handle to cool the skin, on the other hand, dissipates this potential heat quickly and minimizes the chances of adverse effects due to overheating.

Not only does the cooling of the laser hair removal handle effectively dissipate heat, but it also allows you to use a higher flow rate (power level) at a higher repetition rate (speed) while keeping the patient comfortable. The end result is a more effective hair removal treatment that requires fewer repetitions to achieve the desired hair removal results.

By far the most effective cooling system is Integrated Contact Cooling (ICC). Although there are several ways to generate ICC, it is essential that your laser machine has such a system in place. Any other method (e.g. air or cryogen) is ineffective.

Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal DL-808+ has two thermoelectric cooling modules in the head. It is capable of cooling the head to -5 degrees throughout the treatment, no matter how fast or how many times you shoot. 

diode laser machine is easy to use

D. Ease of use of the Diode Laser hair removal machine
When you’re buying a hair removal machine, look at how easy the operator interface is to use. Different hair removal machines have several different systems, some of which are better than others. In some cases, you have to enter treatment parameters from a form, which can be cumbersome and put you or your staff at risk of making mistakes that can lead to poor clinical results.

Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine DL-808+ has a simple and professional user interface. It has a simple program for all operators who simply enter the area to be treated and the patient’s skin type. The Astiland DL-808+ will set up the machine to carry out the treatment. You start with the default safe values and try out more effective parameters by constantly asking the patient how they feel. Once found, you can simply save it and next time it will be easier to carry out the hair removal treatment.

2. Return on investment

As with most other equipment in your salon, a diode laser hair removal machine represents a significant financial investment. Once you have made your decision, you are likely to fall into an operating lease, which will be very difficult to extricate yourself from. It is therefore extremely important that decisions are made after careful consideration. While clinical hair removal results are paramount, we are in this business to make money, so when you are choosing the right laser hair removal machine for you, the financial viability and profitability of each machine you look at will be a key factor in the success of your new laser hair removal business. In short, you are looking for the ‘maximum benefit’ which in turn will give you the greatest return on your investment.

And what factors are used to determine the return on investment?

A) Maximum profit per shot
Each treatment head has a limited number of shots before it needs to be replaced. Considering that each treatment incurs a fixed cost, the more treatments each treatment head can deliver, the higher your overall income will be. If you divide the revenue generated by a handle by the total revenue of that handle and subtract the cost of a new handle, you get it.

Profit per shot
Profit per shot is a key indicator of the profitability of any machine (although the other factors listed below are also important).

B) Equipment optimization
While the concept of profit per shot is very important, I would argue that equipment optimization is equally important. The key factor here is time. The longer it takes to perform a treatment, the fewer clients you will be able to treat in a day.

Fewer treatments per day = lower profits

In addition, longer treatments take up the time of key staff who could be working on other tasks but are stuck on the laser instead. The key factors here are.

laser hair removal machine to removal all kinds of hair

 C) Repetition rate
The time spent between laser beams is called the repetition rate. The shorter the interval between the emission of each laser beam, the higher the repetition rate. Your profits will depend to a large extent on the repetition rate.

The faster you fire, the less time it will take to treat and therefore the more clients you can treat in a day. But fast repetition rates are also problematic without an excellent integrated cooling system to ensure constant low temperatures. The faster its beam, the more likely the laser wand and the skin will overheat. Without proper cooling methods, the life of the laser wand is shortened and the chances of adverse reactions due to overheating are greatly increased.

The very powerful integrated contact cooling system of the Astiland Diode Laser hair removal machine DL-808+ keeps the laser head cold at all times and can easily handle repetition rates of 10 Hz.

D) Spot size
diode laser machine spot sizeA larger spot size means fewer flashes for larger treatment areas (such as the back). Fewer beams mean less cost (each flash costs money), but just as importantly, fewer beams mean fewer hours of work and more clients treated in a day You charge the same $500 for a client’s back, but with larger spot size, your treatment costs (number of beams) are lower and the treatment takes less time. It’s a win-win for your business!

The Astiland DL-808+ Diode Laser Hair Removal machine has a large spot size of 13*40 square millimeters, which is probably the largest of all diode laser hair removal machines. This helps to a large extent to increase the revenue per hour.

E ) Training
You may be able to get the best laser machine at the best price from other Chinese suppliers, but your wise decision to choose the right laser machine may be futile if the operator is not adequately trained. Laser hair removal is actually a very simple process and you can learn the actual procedure in a matter of hours and probably carry on smoothly in your new business.

The manufacturer of Astiland aesthetic equipment will provide you with not only basic user manuals and tutorial videos, but also a range of online training courses and 24-7 online support to help you or your staff master the laser hair removal treatment.

F) Marketing support
Obviously, if a distributor offers you marketing support, your profits should increase as a result. This is a relatively minor consideration, but if the supplier offers it for free, it is definitely worth a look.

We are able to provide you with original high-resolution images of your machine, brochures and flyers, customized videos, and much more. I think it does mean something if you have such a requirement.

3. Minimize profit loss

A) Life expectancy of the laser head
diode laser machine ROIFor a diode laser hair removal machine, a laser head that produces 4 million exposures is clearly better than a laser head that only produces 100,000 exposures. This calculation is simple.

Be careful with the claimed lifetime of the laser handpiece. the Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal machine has an expected lifetime of 20,000,000 flashes for the handle laser. You will get the maximum return on your investment.

B) Cost of replacement head
Obviously, the cost per flash depends on the cost of replacing the laser handle. If the laser grip burns out easily, then a lot is spent on grip replacements. The super cooling system of the Astiland Diode Laser Hair Removal machine ensures that the laser handle does not burn out easily.

Well, these are the factors that you should consider when you want to buy a laser hair removal machine and we hope you find them helpful. You are also welcome to ask us any laser hair removal related questions.

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