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How to Choose the Reliable HIFU Lifting Machine

hifu treatment machine for face lifting

HIFU Lifting Machine Choose guide: What is HIFU and Why HIFU Machine?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, also known as a HIFU lift, is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin. It is considered to be a safe and effective procedure for tightening the skin.

The HIFU procedure has many advantages over traditional means of skin lifting and improvement: painless, zero incisions, no scars and recovery time. In addition, it is also much less costly.

7D HiFu skin tightening machine principle

HIFU is a popular means of making people look better. There are a large number of clinics and spas offering the service, so this is the reason why HIFU lifting machines are selling in large numbers.

Why Choosing The Right HIFU Device is Important?

High energy ultrasound technology is completely safe and has been used in medicine for decades. It works by contracting and shortening muscle fibers, which causes a lifting and tightening effect and makes the skin look better.

After treatment with the HIFU machine, lifting, tightening and fat melting are natural processes that result in a slimmer face, a reduced jawline, and a tighter face. The HIFU machine can also be applied to lift and tighten the skin on the body.

HIFU Treatment for Facial Lifting

Before you choose a HIFU machine, it is important to have a professional assessment. This is because this will help you discover the best HIFU device for you to get the most out of it.

Confused about how to choose the right and reliable HIFU machine? Then let’s take a look at the factors you’ll need to consider when buying a HIFU lifting machine.

How to choose the Best HIFU Machine

1. The desired function.

What you want to achieve with a HIFU machine is the primary factor in deciding which HIFU lift machine you choose.
If you only want to do face slimming and lifting, then you can choose the simplest HIFU machine. A machine with only one row of points and offering only face replacement heads will suit your needs.
But if you also need to include slimming, lifting, and tightening of body parts or vaginal tightening, then you need to choose a HIFU lifting machine with the appropriate functions and with replacement heads of different sizes.

2. Comply with local codes and standards

When considering the purchase of a HIFU lifting machine, find out what your local regulations are regarding the import & use of HIFU lifting machines, and then find out if your supplier’s HIFU machine has the certification you need.

3. Return on Investment

A single-function HIFU lift machine may be cheaper, and a multi-function HIFU lift machine may be more expensive, but with more services to offer, then there can be more chargeable items, so the return on investment may be higher for a multi-function hifu machine than a single-function hifu lift machine.

4. Budget

When buying a hifu machine, choose the appropriate supplier according to your budget. However, it is recommended that you plan your budget after you have a good understanding of the market and the general pricing of hifu machines, so that you can get the most cost-effective hifu lifting machine within your budget.

If you can’t afford an Ulthera machine or an Ultraformer III machine, you may want to look for a reliable HIFU lifting machine from China. Because China is known as the largest manufacturer in the World, Astiland’s 5-in-1 multifunctional HIFU machine (model AS-VX3) is probably your best bet. It combines 4D HIFU, Liposonic, Radar Carving, and vaginal into one system at a very reasonable price. It also supports customization to suit your needs.

Now let’s take a look at the 6 advantages of the Astiland HIFU lifting machine AS-VX3.
1) 5-in-1 HIFU lifting & tightening machine with multi-functions treatment, such as facelift, radar carving, liposonic, body slimming, and vaginal tightening.
2) Different cartridges treat 8 skin depths, and act on different areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms, body, and vagina.
3) Radar carving operation allows 360° treatment with concentrated energy, and can be adjusted to hit 1-9 spots in one second.
4) 4D HIFU can be adjusted at will from 1 to 12 lines, with 300 points on 12 lines.
5) Energy control and related parameters can be adjusted corresponding to the skin depth.
6) The effect of each treatment lasts for at least 18-24 months, making it easy to achieve a slimmer body and tighter skin in the long term.

If you want to buy affordable HIFU lifting machine from a reliable factory or have any questions related to HIFU machines, please feel free to contact us.

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