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‬What is difference between IPL intense pulsed light and 808 diode laser hair removal?

When talk about hair removal, many beauty salon owners are often torn between IPL system or 808 laser hair removal device. What are the differences between them, and how should I choose according to my business? What is the fundamental difference between these two instruments? Today I will explain to you.

  1. Power system and handpiece are different

From the system perspective, the 808 hair removal system and the IPL system are the same. The difference in configuration is that the power system is different. The structure of the handpiece is different. But unlike IPL, the 808 hair removal instrument must use a TEC refrigeration system or a compressor refrigeration system. Otherwise, the heat dissipation of the laser cannot keep up.

IPL system construction shows below:


808nm diode laser structure shows below:


  1. The output wavelength is difference

IPL handpiece output a strong light between 640nm-1200nm(skin rejuvenation 530nm-1200nm). 808nm is a single wavelength, only target hair follicles, no harm to surrounding skin.

The wavelength near 808nm has the deepest penetration depth, and from the skin structure map we know that the target tissue follicles for hair removal are in the dermis, so the ideal hair removal wavelength is still 808nm. But we can also see that the wavelength between 640nm-1200nm can reach the dermis, and it can also be depilated. According to theoretical studies, the 808 laser instrument has a significant effect on darker and thicker hair such as armpit hair, leg hair, bikini hair, beard, etc. For the small and dark lip hairs on both sides of the upper lip, the photon hair removal device works better.

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