Dec.2022 27
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New Product Release-Live Show Preview-Hi-Emt Muscle Stimulator Body Sculpting Shaper Slimming Machine

stimulator body sculpting shaper slimming machine


Record on our first live show on new released HIEMT muscle trainer body slimming machine SCULPTMAX


There are many types of slimming machine on the market only focus on fat removal, this new technology high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer machine Sculptmax helps you to solve the fat problem, at the same time it build your muscle. To make you fit, tight, toned with perfect body shapes.


What is high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer?


It is short for HIEMT, a new technology do extreme training on your muscle, deeply reshape your muscle inner construction, increase muscle intensity and volume.


During treatment, the muscle contraction can trigger mass fat breakdown, the fat cell destroyed and excreted from body by normal metabolism within a few weeks.


So this machine can build muscle and reduce fat in the same time.



What it can do?


Based on clinic test result, for 1 course treatment, it can increase 16% of your muscle and reduce 19% fat.


It helps building your firm abs, v line abs and bubble butt.


Especially for mommy belly due to separation of rectus abdominis after delivery.


It also active pelvic floor muscle tissue collagen regeneration, tighten pelvic floor muscle, solve urine leakage and incontinence.


Besides, strength core muscles, protect your spine, build right posture, and create a youthful body.


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