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Mastering Healing Waves: Comprehensive Notes for Optimal Usage of AS-ESWT Shockwave Therapy Machine Unveiled for Healthcare Professionals

ESWT is used internationally for conditions all over the body. When you have chronic pain, everything you do in your life is affected. ESWT benefits patients because their condition can be treated extra corporeally. The treatment is non-invasive without many of the expenses and risks of surgery.


AS-ESWT shock wave therapy machine equipped with 6 transmitters for multi-function usage:
1)  aesthetical: body reshaping, anti-cellulite, skin irregularity, skin elasticity improvement, scar & wrinkle smoothing, stretch mark smoothing, etc.

2)  medical:Arthritis, sub-acute pain, chronic pain, sub-chronic pain, ED Erectile Dysfunction, animal arthritis, etc.

With its supreme quality, competitive price and effective treatment result, it is sold all around the world.



However, our clients from all around the world varied with different culture background, professional experience, working habits, etc. All these factors may cause improper operation of our machine.


Here is notes on how to correct use AS-ESWT shockwave therapy machine:

  1. Turn off machine before unplug the handpiece connector.

The control board may be damaged by static electricity transmit through human body when plug & unplug hand piece when the machine power is on.

  1. Clean barrels and bullets regularly.

During usage, the bullet friction with the barrel and generates ash, which increases the resistance of the bullet and leads to insufficient force of hand piece.Clean the ash on the inner wall of the barrel according to the user manual, lubricant the barrel with lubricant oil.

  1. Do not use consumable parts exceeds service life to get the best treatment result.

The consumable parts include bullets and barrels, transmitters, handpiece.

  1. Install the handpiece shaft correctly.

The barrel does not align with the hole on the shaft when replace barrel or assemble the hand piece after cleaning, may cause air leaking from the shaft.

  1. Check O ringinside the transmitter and on the barrels

O ring missing or damaged will cause handpiece energy weak

  1. The barrel should be installed in right direction.

There is an air leakage hole which near to the solenoid valve at the lower end of the barrel. A white silicone leak-proof pad & an O-ring will be installed near the air leakage hole. The wrong direction installation of the barrel will cause insufficient force or hand piece damage.

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