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What Is Gold Rf Microneedling? Who Is Gold Rf Microneedling For?

What is Gold RF Microneedling

Gold RF microneedling is a combination of RF and microneedle technology, which uses microneedles (gold treatment heads) to precisely penetrate high-energy radiofrequency (RF) energy into the dermis. The mechanical stimulation of the gold microneedles, together with the biological effect and thermal stimulation generated by RF, stimulates the skin’s self-healing system, improve skin microcirculation and initiate collagen renewal and rearrangement. Collagen replenishes and eliminates fine lines and acne scars.

RF working therapy

Who is Gold RF Microneedling for?

Gold RF Microneedling is suitable for people with the following conditions –
1. Acne (commonly known as pimples), as well as acne marks and pockmarks.
2. Skin firming and lifting. RF Microneedling device can treat wrinkles such as crow’s feet, head wrinkles, forehead lines, fine lines, decollete’s lines, perioral lines, and necklines, and tighten the skin.
3. Stretch marks, obesity lines, swelling lines.
4. Appearance of big pores.
5. Dull skin texture.
6. Skin whitening.
7. Acne scars.

Advantages of Gold RF Microneedle

1. Compared with ordinary microneedles, gold microneedles under the control of the electronic system, fast in and fast out, epidermal damage is small, and fast to repair; at the same time, according to the need to accurately adjust the depth of microneedle penetration, so that the treatment is more accurate.
2. Compared with ordinary radio frequency, gold radio frequency avoids the stimulation and damage of radio frequency energy to the epidermis, no crusting, no discoloration after surgery, using the unique design of the insulated needle bar to avoid stimulation of the epidermis, the same time, according to the need to precisely control the depth of radio frequency action, so that the radio frequency action is more focused and precise.
3. The combination of microneedle and RF makes the treatment more precise and efficient, and the cosmetic efficacy is greatly enhanced.
4. Facial wrinkle removal, tightening, and at the same time, a certain degree of slimming effect, especially for facial obesity.

How long does a single RF microneedling treatment take?

The local anesthetic cream takes 20 to 30 minutes to work before the treatment, and then the treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes, including aftercare. Therefore, each treatment takes approximately 1 hour. Should be noted that these needles are for single use.

Radiofrequency microneedling treatment post-operative care tips

1. After the treatment, you need to use a mild cleanser and avoid strenuous exercise, sauna, soaking in a high-temperature bath, or high-temperature rinsing.

2. The skin will be warm for 1~2 hour after the Gold RF Microneedle treatment, you can use ice or apply a cold mask to reduce the burning sensation and swelling, the warm feeling will disappear after 2~3 hours.

3. Antibiotic ointment or emollient should be applied 3 days after surgery, and restorative products (hyaluronic acid paste supplement) can be used daily to shorten the recovery period.

4. 2 days after surgery, the gold RF micro-needling treatment area will have a slight crust flaking, this is a normal phenomenon after treatment, do not artificially tear off the crust, need to wait for its natural fall.

5. After the gold micro-needling treatment skin will be particularly sensitive to the sun, so pay attention to sun protection, there are outdoor activities to rubbing sunscreen, play an umbrella, and wear a mask hat.

How to choose a Gold RF Microneedle device

1. A machine that uses an insulated needle to protect the epidermis from burns.
2. the use of a stepped motor drive mechanism allows precise control of the depth of puncture.
3. Application of a suction combination probe for better skin contact.
7. Trigger push-button handpiece for flexible handpiece operation.
8. Multiple sizes of cartridges are available for different treatment areas.

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