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Body Sculpture Machine for Hiemt Body Sculpt

Model: AS-VX2

Astiland AS-VX2 is a body scuplture machine for ems body sculpture, which is a non-invasive HI-EMT program that causes 100% extreme muscle contraction, and is very effective in strengthening and muscle building while also reducing fat.

If you want to buy body sculpting machine at factory price, Astiland will be your best choice, because we are the aesthetic machine manufacturer specilized in body sculpture machine, and we can also provide OEM emsculpting machine service for you.



The Principle of Body Sculpting Machine AS-VX2

The body sculpting machine works on two main aspects of body sculpting, one is muscle building and the other is fat reduction.

The principle of action on muscle tissue
The HIEMT (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology is used to train and increase muscle density and volume by performing extreme training with continuous expansion and contraction of the autologous muscles to achieve deep remodeling of the internal structure of the muscles, i.e., growth of muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia) and production of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia).

The excellent body sculpture machine AS- VX2 with HI-EMT technology induces approximately 30,000 forced muscle contractions with each training session. These forced contractions, which are considered to be mega-contractions, cannot usually be achieved by voluntary muscle action.

body sculpture machine work principle


The principle of action on fat tissue

The HI-EMT technique’s 100% extreme muscle contraction induces massive lipolysis. Fat cells are broken down, which in turn are broken down by triglycerides and eventually eliminated from the body through normal body metabolism.

body sculptture machine reduce fat principle

As a result, using the body sculpture machine achieves fat loss while strengthening and increasing muscle.

Body Sculpture Machine AS-VX2 Five Modes of Movement

1. HIIT- High-intensity interval training mode for aerobic fat loss.
2. Hypertrophy — Mode of Muscle-strengthening exercise mode.
3. Strength — Mode of muscle strength training.
4. HIIT+ Hypertrophy — A training mode for muscle strength and fat loss.
5. Hypertrophy + Strength — Muscle strengthening and muscle strength training mode.

Advantages of Astiland Body Sculpture machine AS-VX2

1. Two handles that work concurrently and can be individually adjusted.
2. Handles with a plug-in style are simple to maintain.
3. Easy to use, humanized automatic parameter setup.
4. High energy output with less noise.
5. Easily started, water-free super cooling system.

Q&A of Astiland hiemt body sculpt machine

Q: What body parts can this machine do?
A: Abdomen, buttocks, triceps (upper arms), thighs.

Q: How many times is a course of treatment? How long does it take to see results after treatment?
A: 2 times a week, 4 times a course of treatment, after half a month to see results! Generally, 6-8 courses of treatment to see results. Generally speaking, 6-8 courses of treatment can give good results.

Q: How long does the treatment take?
A: No manual operation, automatic mode, it only takes 30 minutes each time!

Q: Does it have radiation, is it safe?
A: It is the change of electromagnetic energy that drives muscle movement, not electromagnetic radiation. It emits less electromagnetic radiation than our cell phones. Test reports prove that its radiation range is within the range of national safety appliances. You can rest assured of this!

Q: What should I pay attention to after treatment and what are the precautions?
A: Normal diet is fine, but do not overeat.
Those with metal objects in the body cannot have surgery, and those with cardiovascular encephalopathy cannot have surgery. The operation time of one part shall not exceed one hour. The handle shall not face the customer’s head, and the two handles shall not work opposite each other.


Handle no.2 handles
Voltage230V~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption2.3KVA
Output intensity0-7 Tesla
Shape of stimulation pulseHI-EMT
Size( Height width x depth) 49*42.5*58 cm


Overview Video


Body Sculpture Machine AS-VX2 Treatment Before and After

ems body sculpture treatment before and after


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