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Cryolipolysis EMS Machine for Body Slimming and Shaping

Model: AS-4S

AS-4S is a state-of-the-art slimming system that combines two advanced technologies, CRYOLIPOLYSIS and HIEMT, in one. It treats fat in all areas in a non-invasive way, leaving your body effortlessly and effectively slim, shaped and smooth.

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What is Cryo EMS Machine

The 2-in-1 Cryo fat removal and EMS slimming machine combine frozen fat dissolution with High Intensity Electromagnetic Technology to effectively reduce fat cells while building & strengthening muscles, which has a better effect on body fat loss and shaping. The cryo ems machine is safe and painless, requiring no surgery, anesthesia, drugs, or side effects.

This 2-in-1 fat removal and slimming treatment machine is the perfect cryo ems slimming treatment machine choice for salons and spas, enabling fast body slimming and shaping, and skin smoothing for clients.

Advantages of the Cryolipolysis EMS machine

1. Cryolipolysis, HIEMT two most advanced slimming technology in one machine.
2. User-friendly cryolipolysis handpiece design with 7 different sized cryolipolysis replacement cups to treat body parts, contact cooling area updated to 360° all round contact to treat more areas in one session.
3. 2 HIEMT handles can work simultaneously, each handle can be adjusted individually.
4. Super cooling system with condenser ensures long continuous operation, supporting at least 5 hours of cryolipolysis treatment.
5. Plug-in handle design for easy maintenance

Technology Principle

Cryolipolysis for fat freezing

Cryolipolysis works by freezing fat cells to the point where they are naturally eliminated. The cold temperature that induces fat cell apoptosis is the cooling energy that enables non-invasive, powerful fat reduction. The fat cells are broken down and the body then eliminates them naturally. The natural apoptosis of fat cells in response to the cold temperature is designed to maintain the stability of the internal environment, with the surrounding skin and structures remaining safe from harm. If you are struggling with fat bulges, or have excess fat despite following a diet and exercise plan, you may be a good candidate for lipolysis freezing. The overall goal of fat freezing surgery is to reduce the volume and thickness of fat bulges, resulting in a slimmer, more contoured body.

cryolipolysis machine principle

HIEMT for body sculpting & muscle building

The HIEMT procedure uses non-invasive high intensity focused magnetic vibration technology to release high frequency magnetic vibration energy through a large treatment handle, which penetrates the muscle and induces constant expansion and contraction in a way that voluntary contraction cannot. With this high frequency extreme training, muscle tissue is forced to adapt to these extreme conditions, muscle fibres grow (muscle enlargement) and new collagen chains and muscle fibres are produced (muscle building), thus training and increasing muscle density and volume.

ems slim machine work principle

At the same time, the HIEMT technique of 100% extreme muscle contraction training sessions triggers a large amount of lipolysis, which is eliminated by the body’s normal metabolism within a few weeks.

Features of Cryo EMS Machine

  • 10.4-inch touch screen, dual-channel cryo fat removal and magnetic thinning, dual processing heads can work independently.
  • The temperature can be controlled; the adsorption strength can be adjusted; the treatment time can be set.
  • The replacement of the treatment head is quick and convenient, and the treatment head is made of soft medical silicone (a medical rubber material that is soft and comfortable to touch), making the entire treatment process comfortable and convenient.
  • The 360-degree surround cooling technology, which is different from the traditional double-sided cooling method, can improve the efficiency by 18.1%. Coolant is injected throughout the treatment probe to remove fat cells more efficiently.
  • According to the connection of each cooling treatment head, the system will automatically identify the recommended parameters of each treatment head, so as to efficiently achieve the effect of body sculpting and reduce excess fat cells.

Benefits of Using Cry EMS Machine to Remove Fat and Building Muscle

· Immediate results
· Long-lasting results
· fat reduction
· visibly improved cellulite
· comfortable
· No surgery
· no anesthesia
· no downtime
· non-invasive
· short treatment times

Parameters of Cryo EMS Machine

Cooling handle sizeBig handpiece 23cm*7cm, 23cm*7cm, 20cm*7cm, 18cm*7cm.

Small handpiece 15cm*6cm, 15cm*6cm, 13cm*6cm

Cooling device output temperature0,-5,-10 ℃
Vacuum pressure0-100kpa
HIEMT output intensity0-7 Tesla
HIEMT pulse300us
Cooling systemWind+water+semiconductor+condensor
Screen10.4 inch color touch screen
Voltage 220V or 110 V, 50/60Hz
Fuse 3A 220V or 110V 6A
Machine Power 4500 W
Package size 68cm*72cm*111cm+45cm*45cm*55cm
Total Weight 95kg
Relative Humidity≤80%
Atmospheric pressure88KPa ~110KPa


 2 in 1 Cryolipolysis EMS Machine Interface

cryo ems machine interface

Cryolipolysis EMS Machine Overview Video

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