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Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine Fat Freezer Combines Shockwave

Model: AS-CS3+

Astiland AS-CS3+ is a multi-functional cryolipolysis machine combined with shockwave therapy that can be widely used for fat reduction and body slimming, ideal for salons and doctors to help clients gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body, resulting in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area that looks natural.

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Brief Introduction of Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Slimming Machine AS-CS3+

The 2-in-1 Cryolipolysis Shockwave Therapy machine is the newest, clinically proven technology in the fat reduction industry, the machine combines fat freezing and shockwave therapy capabilities in one machine.

Cryolipolysis & shockwave fat freezing principle
Cryolipolysis, also known as fat freezing, is combined with acoustic shockwave therapy for better and faster fat reduction, plus shockwave therapy for faster slimming results. This machine effectively reduces the radius of the treated area and reduces the thickness of the fat. This is a safe, comfortable and effective full-body slimming treatment device.

In addition, shockwave handpiece can also be used for pain relief, sports injuries, and ED treatment.

Cryolipolysis Shockwave Therapy Machine Technology Advantages

Cryolipolysis is used to freeze fat and reduce it
The triglycerides in fat will be converted to solids at exceptionally low temperatures. Cryolipolysis is a treatment that freezes fat cells until they are eliminated naturally.
Cryolipolysis machines use advanced cooling technology to selectively target areas of the fat bulge, eliminating fat cells and reducing excess fat through a gradual process that does not harm surrounding tissue. When fat cells are subjected to precise cooling, it triggers a natural removal process that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And the fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes, ultimately achieving the goal of eliminating excess fat.

Shockwaves for cellulite reduction and pain relief
Shockwave is defined as a rapid increase in pressure over a very short period of time, followed by a gradual decrease in pressure and a small negative pressure phase. Shockwaves promote the breakdown of fat deposits and acoustic therapy can also get rid of unsightly cellulite. Shockwave therapy remove cellulite is a safe treatment to promote fat removal and make the skin firm and smooth.

Shockwaves can also be targeted to treat affected areas that are the source of chronic pain. The effects of shockwaves lead to the dissolution of calcium deposits and result in better vascularization that can help relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

Features of Cryolipolysis and Shockwave Fat Freeze Slimming Machine

1. Cryolipolysis and shockwave combination technology.
2. 3 freezing handpiece can work at the same time.
3. Total 8 size treatment cups for abdomen, thighs, arms, back, waist, and chin.
4. 360°large cooling area handle design.
5. Shockwave handpiece with 5 sizes of transmitters for cellulite removal and pain relief.
6. Super cooling system
– Water+air+semiconductor+condenser.
– Continuous operation >5 hours at -5°C for busy doctors.
7. Cryo handpiece with built-in color touch screen.

Cryolipolysis Shockwave Therapy Machine Support Treat Area

Cryolipolysis shockwave fat freezing machine treat areas

Cryolipolysis Shockwave Therapy Machine Operation Interface

cryolipolysis shockwave slimming machine interface

Overview Video


Cryolipolysis Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment Before & After

Cryolipolysis shockwave treat before and after image

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