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Emsculpt Machine for Body Scuplting & Muscle Building

Model: SculptMax

Emsculpt Machine Astiland SculptMax is a multifunctional body shaping and muscle building machine. It is suitable for body slimming, sculpting, muscle building, fat loss, exercising the waistline, raising the hips, and benefiting health.

Astiland SculptMax is a professional EMS body contouring machine for beauty salons and physicians who want to provide their clients with the latest and most effective non-invasive body shaping treatments. If you are looking for Emsculpt machine wholesale, Astiland would be your best choice, we manufacture and offer the best EMS slimming machines for beauty salons & clinics and support OEM/ODM service.



Introduction of Emsculpt Machine

The Emsculpt machine is a muscle building and fat loss machine that uses non-invasive HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) technology, to help people grow and reshape muscle and burn fat through extreme sustained expansion and contraction of their own muscles.

Astiland is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Emsculpt machines and EMS body slimming machines, we provide professional Emsculpt machine wholesale and OEM, if you want to buy Emsculpt machine from manufacturer, please contact us for more information about it.

How Does Emsculpt Machine Works?

Build Muscle

Emsculpt machine Wholesale Astiland SculptMax is using the non-invasive HI-EMT (High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) technology to perform extreme training with continuous expansion and contraction of the autologous muscles, thus deeply reshaping the internal structure of the muscles, i.e. growing muscle fibers (muscle enlargement) and producing new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), ultimately leading to training and increasing muscle density and volume.

emsculpt machine wholesale treatment principle

Contrary to voluntary muscle contraction, the supermassive muscle contraction created using the Emsculpt machine is independent of brain function. HI-EMT uses a specific frequency range that does not allow the muscle to relax between two successive stimuli. Thus the effect of muscle building and shaping can be achieved quickly.

Burning Fat & Cellulite Removal
While using the Emsculpt machine to build muscles, fat loss and cellulite removal can also be achieved. Emsculpt Machine’s 100% extreme muscle contraction technology triggers a large amount of lipolysis, where fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulate in the fat cells. The high concentration of fatty acids leads to the apoptosis of fat cells, which are eliminated from the body within a few weeks by the normal metabolism of the body. Thus, the Emsculpt beauty machine can help strengthen and increase muscle and reduce fat.

Emsculpt machine wholesale reduce fat

Key Features of Emsculpt Machine Astiland SculptMax

  1. The Emsculpt machine can be used on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs, quickly building muscles, and sculpting body. Based on high intensity electromagnetic energy, the Emsculpt machine can cover large skeletal muscles in the body. This high energy level allows the muscles to deeply remodel their internal structure, which then helps people to expand existing muscles and also grow new muscle fibers.
  2. Safe and healthy to achieve the effect of reducing fat and losing weight. High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer technology, like 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 30 minutes, no hard work and sweat 30 minutes of treatment. The treatment is fast and can be done during your lunch break. Clinically Proven Thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy in 7 independent studies.
  3. All workout plans in the Emsculpt machine are designed based on the feel and results of the actual workout. Each set is essentially a progressive configuration, ideal for weight training, designed to provide the best results in frequency and intensity for each individual’s different purposes.
  4. Five exercise modes to choose from, capable of improving muscle strength, muscle mass, and muscle endurance at different levels.
    4.1 HIIT – High intensity interval training mode for aerobic fat loss.
    4.2 Hypertrophy – muscle strengthening training mode.
    4.3 Strength – muscle strength training mode.
    4.4 HIIT+ Hypertrophy – muscle strengthening and fat loss training mode.
    4.5 Hypertrophy + Strength – muscle strength & strengthening muscle training mode.

Emsculpt machine wholesale exercise modeAdvantages of Emsculpt Machine Wholesale Astiland SculptMax

  1. 2 or 4 handles work simultaneously, each handle can be adjusted individually
  2. Plug-in design handle, easy to maintain.
  3. User-friendly automatic parameter setting, easy to learn and use.
  4. Low noise, high energy output.
  5. Super cooling system, no water needed, easy to start.
  6. Direct factory sales, free OEM service supported.

Benefits of Emsculpt Machine

  1. Muscle sculpting, includes exercising abdominal muscles to shape the waistline, exercising hip muscles to shape the peach buttocks, and exercising abdominal obliques to shape the mermaid line.
  2. Non-contact, safe, and comfortable to achieve sculpting body effects. Painless and harmless.
  3. 30 minutes of treatment is equivalent to 5.5 hours of exercise.
  4. To treat rectal separation, HI-EMT can bring non-invasive technology to postpartum women to solve postpartum rectal problems.

Technical Parameters of Emsculpt Machine Astiland SculptMax

Handle no.2 handles (4 handles option)
Voltage230V~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption2.3KVA
Output intensity0-7 Tesla
Shape of stimulation pulseHI-EMT
Size( Height width x depth)50x50x140(cm)


Overview Video

Treatment Effects of Emsculpt Machine Astiland SculptMax

Emsculpt machine treatment effects


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