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HIFU Body Slimming Machine for Fat Reduction

Model: AS-HF-S

Astiland AS-HF-S is a professional slimming machine, that uses non-invasive HIFU technology to achieve safe and effective slimming and fat reduction, and can be widely used in beauty salons, hospitals, clinics, and spas for body contouring, skin tightening, and fat removal.

If you want to buy a body HIFU slimming machine directly from the factory, Astiland can provide you with professional HIFU body contouring machine at cost-effective price. We have been specializing in beauty machines for over 10 years and all our machines are CE and ISO13485 certified.



Work Therapy of HIFU Body Slimming Machine

The HIFU body Slimming Machine AS-HF-S uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to treat fatty tissue under the skin of the abdomen and flanks (“caress”) non-invasively. It concentrates the HIFU energy at specific depths in the fatty tissue without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. The body then naturally processes and permanently removes the damaged fat tissue over a period of 8 to 12 weeks. A single treatment may result in an average waistline reduction of about 1-3 inches, which may give you a slimmer, more contoured waistline.

HIFU slimming machine therapy

How HIFU energy does body contouring

The thermal effect of HIFU produces a dual tissue response in the treatment area.
– Permanent destruction of targeted fat cells
– Contraction of the surrounding collagen helps prevent sagging of the skin tissue after treatment
Reducing fat and tightening collagen fibrous tissue, achieve the ultimate goal of body slimming and shaping.

HIFU machine how to work for slimming

Features of HIFU Body Contouring Machine

  • High-quality transducer.
  • Stable energy output, no buildup, uniform heat.
  • Uniform shot point, able to treat fat at the target location accurately.
  • 9 treatment modes, flexible for different body parts.
  • Built-in water jets to cool the skin for more comfortable treatment.
  • Lightweight ABS injection molded case.

HIFU Body Slimming Machine Application

  • Fat reduction ( arm, abdomen, hip, thigh, waist )
  • Body lifting
  • Body contouring
  • Skin Tightening
  • Promotes and accelerates the body’s metabolism.

body HIFU slimming machine application

HIFU Body Slimming Advantages

  1. Non-surgical treatment. No needles, no wounds, no drugs, and no anesthesia throughout the treatment process.
    Safe. selective action on the target fat cells, complete destruction of the fat cells, followed by their removal by absorption and decomposition by the body’s natural endogenous metabolism.
  2. The fat cells are removed by absorption and decomposition by the body’s natural endogenous metabolism. At the same time, the surrounding epidermis, blood vessels, and nerves are left unharmed and there is no risk of infection or trauma. A safe body contouring is guaranteed.
  3. Intelligent design. Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interface, easy to learn and use, safe and convenient.
  4. Convenient. The whole treatment process is comfortable, with no need to wear a shapewear corset, no downtime, and no interference with normal life and work.
  5. Effective results. With each treatment, the thickness of fat will be reduced and there will be a significant slimming effect without rebound after multiple treatments.

hifu body sculpting machine transducer

Treatment procedure

The treatment of the abdomen and flanks takes approximately 1 hour. After marking the treatment area, the treatment grid is applied and numbered. Place the handpiece on the first area and start the treatment. This is repeated until each area has been treated with the appropriate amount of energy.

Parameters of HIFU Body Contouring Machine

  SourceHIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
  CartridgeDS4-8.0, DS4-13.0@500 shoots
  Single shot total points576 points
  Single shot area46mm*46mm
Screen10.4-inch true color touchscreen
Input powerAC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz
Machine size65cm*71cm*124cm


Overview Video of Body HIFU Slimming Machine

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