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HIFU Treatment Machine 5D for Skin & Vaginal Tightening

Model: AS-VX3

Astiland AS-VX3 is a 5-in-1 HIFU treatment machine with Liposonic, face lifting, body slimming, radar carving, and vaginal tightening treatments. It is a powerful multifunctional HIFU treatment machine that can achieve minimally invasive V-face carving, body contouring, and vaginal tightening without downtime. This 5-in-1 HIFU treatment machine is the best HIFU treatment machine choice for beauty salons and spas, enabling multiple functions including face lift, body slimming, and vaginal tightening for clients there.

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Brief Introduction to Multifunctional HIFU Treatment Machine

This latest 5-in-1 HIFU beauty device can achieve six perfect effects of lifting, firming, wrinkle removal, fat reduction, shaping, and vaginal reduction. It uses the advanced non-invasive HIFU technology from the United States, which penetrates deeply and generates nearly 10,000 condensation points to precisely acting on the SMAS layer and fat layer of the skin. Generating thermal energy to crush and dissolve fat cells, stimulating the fascia layer to shrink immediately, and promoting a large amount of new collagen protein reorganization, thereby building a new network of collagen fibers, enhancing skin elasticity from the bottom layer (self-healing mechanism is safer).

HIFU treatment is currently the safest and most effective method for treating facial aging, rejuvenation, obesity, and vaginal laxity in the beauty industry. The magical five-in-one HIFU machine has been recognized by beauty authorities for its effectiveness in facial wrinkle removal, lifting, and tightening, body fat reduction, body shaping, and vaginal tightening, and is known as the miracle of creating eternal youth!

Key Features of 5-in-1 HIFU Treatment Machine

1. 4D HIFU
This 4D refers to the innovation of technology development in three dimensions. 4D HIFU can be freely adjusted between 1-12 lines. The treatment areas and regions are multi-dimensional: facial wrinkles, breast lift, and bodyweight loss.
Adjustable parameters are multidimensional: distance between points, the distance between rows, the energy of each point, and the length of each line, all of these can be adjusted. The treatment is more precise and free.

hifu treatment machine for face lifting

4D HIFU body slimming

2. Radar Line Carving
The radar carving face cartridge focuses energy quickly on the target area while rubbing the probe, it is less painful than other brands of HIFU treatment. Various shot intensities, shot times and shot intervals can be adjusted according to the user’s target location. Due to the application of friction operation, the shooting and interval time are reduced, and the operation time can be shorter than ordinary HIFU operations. Then at the same time, it can perform more operations and help to obtain good results quickly.

5D HIFU treatment radar carving

Radar line carving operation is 360° dead-angle free, and can be adjusted to hit 1-9 points in one second. The operation is dead-angle free, fast, evenly distributed, and painless. Radar engraving is mainly used for treatment of smaller areas that large 4D HIFU cannot do.

3. Liposonic
The Cartridges for body sculpting are available in different depths (0.6cm, 0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.3cm, 1.6cm), which can break and dissolve fat cells by converting focused ultrasound into heat energy at 65-70 degrees. The intelligent positioning system locates the fat cells under the skin, quickly crushes and dissolves large granular fat cells, reduces the amount of fat, at the same time stimulats collagen contraction and proliferation to quickly fill the gaps that appear after fat ablation. After treatment, the skin surface is thin and smooth, and there is no damage to the epidermis, blood vessels, nerves, and muscle tissue. The crushed fat is excreted with the body’s metabolism. It works in a single session. It permanently destroys subcutaneous fat, directly reducing the amount of fat without rebounding. A one-hour session can reduce the average body circumference by 2-6 cm, which can achieve multiple effects of fat reduction, skin tightening, and shaping. For local obesity, 1-3 sessions are needed to achieve the desired effect.

5D HIFU liposonic

4. Vaginal Tightening
This multifunctional HIFU treatment device can use special cartridges for the vaginal, which have different depths (3.0mm, 4.5mm) to accurately focus the energy on the vaginal collagen layer and fascia layer. Using focused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect of 65° to 70°, it can promote the reconstruction of collagen fibers and tendons in the deep layer of vaginal mucosa, tightens the fascial layer, increases the production of new and tender tissues, changes vaginal dryness, and promote vaginal mucus secretion during sex. Make sure your vagina is moist and tender.

5D HIFU vaginal tightening

This treatment is mainly aimed at vaginal relaxation, postpartum vaginal tissue rupture, damage, dryness, urinary incontinence and other problems. The HIFU treatment can trigger the body to initiate the function of repairing and regenerating cells. Finally, it achieves the purpose of relieving and solving vaginal laxity. Since the energy passes through the epidermis, there is no need to worry about damage to the mucosal layer, or infection caused by damage to the mucosal layer! The vaginal tightening function HIFU machine extends the cartridge into the vagina through the operator, and evenly acting on the 54-216 lines (about 1350-5400 points) of the SMAS layer in the vagina, to achieve the best effect of shrinkage.

Advantages of Multifunctional 5-in-1 HIFU Treatment Machine

1. Different cartridges to treat 8 skin depths, acting on various areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms, body, and vagina.
2. Radar carving operation is 360 ° treatment and energy concentration, can be adjusted to hit 1-9 points in one second.
3. 4D HIFU can be adjusted arbitrarily from 1 to 12 lines, 12 lines have 300 points.
4. Energy control and related parameters can be adjusted according to skin depth.
5. The treatment effect can last at least 18-24 months at a time, easily achieving long-term slender figure and skin firmness.
6. High safety, no injection, no trauma, does not affect normal life and work.


The 5-in-one HIFU treatment machine has five handles.
Total 9 standard cartridges:
4D facial head: 3.0mm, 4.5mm;
Liposonic body head: 8mm, 13mm;
Radar Carving head:1.5mm, 3.0mm,4.5mm;
Vaginal head: 3.0mm,4.5mm

Technical Parameters of Multifunctional HIFU Machine AS-VX3

Standard Cartridges4D hifu with 2pcs (optional), Vaginal probe with 2 pcs, Radar carving probe with 3 pcs(optional), Lipo probe with 2 cartridges
4d hifu energy0.1-2.0J @20000 shoots
Radar carving energy1-8J@62000 shoots
Vaginal energy0.1-1.5J@10000 shoots
Liposonic1-20J@500 shoots
Input voltageAC110V – 220V
Screen10.4 inch color touch screen
Output voltage10-200W
Package size50*64*130cm

Machine Size

5D multifunctional HIFU treatment machine sizeOverview Video

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