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Oxygen Spray Deep Cleaning Facial Skin Machine

Model: AS-W07

Astiland AS-W07 is a 7-in-1 Bubble Hydra Peel Facial Dermabrasion Machine, this hydro-oxygen jet facial machine uses oxygen and water under extreme pressure, to take tiny water drops, through spray-type to act on skin.

If you want to buy facial skin oxygen cleaning machine from the manufacturer, Astiland can provide you with a cost-effective professional hydra facial machine. We have specialized in manufacturing beauty machines for over 10 years and all machines are CE and ISO13485 certified.



Work Therapy of Oxygen Spray Deep Cleaning Facial Machine

1. Hydrafacial Handle
1) Treatment – Hydro facial is an exciting new technology that combines the benefits of dermabrasion, a vacuum system, and the new Hydro facial Hydration System.
2) It is much gentler than crystal resurfacing or diamond resurfacing as only water is used and we use professional quality machines.
3) H-dermabrasion (or Hydrotherapy Facial) applies both mechanical and chemical peels. The hydro dermabrasion machine includes a water column, an air compressor, a two-way flow control valve, a purification container, and a waste water tank.
4) The unique dermabrasion head ejects a fine stream of water which polishes the skin at high speed by vacuum suction, the liquid which helps to moisturize the skin at the same time.
5) The main advantage of this hydro dermabrasion machine is that it uses only water, is very gentle, and can be used with different functions of skin care products such as essential oils, whitening products, lactic acid, and salicylic acid to diversify the treatment and achieve the various purposes required by the client.

2. High-pressure sprayer
1) A delivery application for liquid skin care products which have been developed for intensive hydration and to replenish skin moisture levels after dermabrasion.
2) Using an aerodynamic spray gun, the active ingredients are evenly applied in a fine mist to the treatment area. This provides the perfect dermabrasion finishing treatment as it gently refreshes and calms irritated, sensitive, and sun-damaged skin.
3) Stimulates healing and repair, as well as fighting redness or inflammation – for use in cases of active acne, rosacea acne, and herpes simplex.

3. BIO Handle
The BIO sine wave working handle has a calming, soothing, and tightening effect, shrinking pores, soothing pain, and reducing swelling excreted during metabolic processes and without damage to blood vessels and skin.

4. Ultrasonic handle needle-free aesthetic therapy
Depending on the client’s treatment objectives, with relevant extracts and nutrients, the probe is used to inject them deep into the skin to allow full absorption for optimal cosmetic results.

5. Radiofrequency treatment handle
The deep heating of radiofrequency acts on the electrons of the tissues, and through the biological reaction of the polarised electron mobility of the human tissues, the electrons form mutual distortion and squeezing between molecules, thus generating bio-energy, thus heating up the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen to produce immediate contraction, stimulating the secretion of new collagen, filling the gap of collagen atrophy loss and rearranging it, rebuilding the skin cartilage, ultimately tightening the skin and remove wrinkles and restore the skin’s elasticity and luster.

6. Cooling treatment handle
Soothes the skin and shrinks pores.

7. Oxygenating new massage handle
Designed for professional aestheticians, oxygenate combines the new patented OxyGen technology with the renowned multipolar technology. oxygenate provides top-notch skin nourishment and oxygenation, as well as clinically proven anti-aging effects.
The combination of multipolar RF and OxyGen improves the quality of the skin in the epidermis and dermis, providing long-term results.

Oxygen Spray Deep Cleaning Facial Machine Application

  • Cell revival, deep cleansing of dead skin, carbonic oxygen skin care.
  • Cleans blackheads, pimples, and mites.
  • Skin rejuvenation and repair of dull skin, brighten skin tone.
  • Facial firming, improves and prevents skin aging, shrinking pores, and brightening skin.
  • Cosmetic infusion, uses ultrasonic technology to infuse cosmetic liquids deep into the skin through a system that precisely controls the rate of liquid infusion.
  • Control the speed of liquid infusion.
  • Radiofrequency heating stimulates the production of albumin for face lifting, skin tightening, etc.
  • Deep facial cleansing, microfoam cleansing.
  • Deep moisturizing.

oxgen facial skin machine application

Functions of Hydra Facial Machine

1. Vacuum microdermabrasion cleaning
2. Co2 bubble facial whitening
3. RF skin tightening
4. Ultrasonic liquid import
5. Bipolar RF for eyes
6. Oxygen spray gun
7. Cold&hot treatment

oxgen facial skin machine function

Oxygen Spray Deep Cleaning Facial Machine Efficacy

Blackhead Acne, Stain, Pouch Removal, Dried-up, Wrinkle, Forehead, Moisturizing, Rough, Dull, Loose, Skin whitening.

Oxygen Spray Deep Cleaning Facial Machine Benefits

  • Immediate visible effects
  • Pleasant and soothing
  • No downtime
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Natural oxygen bar from within – works with the body’s natural processes
  • Optimal cleansing and exfoliating treatment
  • Maximum infusion of active ingredients
  • Superior active nourishment
  • Clinically proven

Oxygen Facial Skin Machine Overview Video

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