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Picosecond Laser 3 WaveLength for Pigments and Tattoo Removal

Model: PL-1

Astiland PL-1 is a professional picosecond laser tattoo removal machine, it is a specially designed 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm three wavelength laser system that is widely used in salons, hospitals, clinics, and spas to do tattoo removing, pigments removal, skin rejuvenation treatment for clients.

If you want to buy picosecond laser machine from the manufacturer, Astiland can provide you with cost-effective professional picosecond laser tattoo removal machine, as we have specialized in manufacturing beauty machines for over 10 years and all machines are CE and ISO13485 certified.



Work Therapy of Picosecond Laser Tatto Removal Machine

The picosecond laser uses an extremely short pulse output to deliver ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the skin rental instead of the thermal effect. Through the mechanical shock wave principle of light, pigments are “broken up” into tiny particles by focused energy, which are more easily absorbed by the body’s metabolism.
The picosecond laser minimizes the side effects of the thermal effect and can achieve almost all kinds of pigmentation spots, which is better than traditional laser spot removal, and also better than traditional laser spot whitening.

Features of Picosecond Laser Tatto Removal Machine

1. Specially designed laser system with three wavelengths of 1064nm, 532nm, and 755nm.
2. Using a lightweight and ergonomic treatment handle.
3. Easily adjusts the spot size for treating skin pigmentation, safely and effectively removing tattoos and benign pigmented lesions.
4. An array of focusing lenses is also available to greatly improve the condition of acne pits, marks, dull skin, and rough skin.

picosecond laser tattoo removal machine arm image

Picosecond Laser Tatto Removal Machine Application

  • Removal of nevus of Ota, brown-green nevus, age spots, coffee spots, freckles, red blood, and other skin spots.
  • Removal of black, blue, brown, red, and even green tattoos.
  • Treatment of eye filaments, sagging skin, and other skin aging problems.
  • Improve acne pits, marks, dull, rough skin conditions.picosecond laser tattoo removal machine 3 wavelength

Advantages of Picosecond Laser Tatto Removal Machine

1. 3 laser wavelengths easily switchable on the display: 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm
2. 7-section light-guiding arm imported from Korea: maximum energy output and uniform spot density
3. Super cooling system: ensure energy stability and powerful
4.1-10mm spot size adjustable handle with an aiming beam: convenient, fast adjustment, professional
5. 2000W dual lamp pump laser: optimal treatment effect
6. Extremely short pulse width of 5ns: ensures the best treatment experience and shortens treatment time.

picosecond laser tattoo removal machine configuration advantage image

Picosecond Laser Tatto Removal Machine Benefits

1. High efficiency, suitable for all colors of tattoos, pigment removal, guaranteed results.
2. Perfect cooling system, good working performance for a long time.
3. Non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment, less downtime.

Technical Parameter of Picosecond Laser Tatto Removal Machine

Model No.PL-1
Flash Lamp-excitedQ-Switched Nd:Yag Laser
Pulse width5ns
Delivery systemKorea imported 7 jointed articulated arm
Display10.4 inch true color touch screen
IndicatorRed diode laser aiming beam
Repeat rate1-10Hz
Spot Size1-10mm(1mm step)
Maximum Energy2000mj
Cooling SystemWater+wind cooling
Gross weight60kg without arm
Packing size61cm*104cm*114cm

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