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Portable Cryolipolysis Machine for Body Slimming

Model: AS-CS1

Astiland AS-CS1 is a Cryolipolysis machine, it is a fat freezer Cryolipolysis system that helps body slimming and is perfect for salons, hospitals, clinics and spas that offer fat reduction and cellulite removal services to their clients.

If you want to buy Cryolipolysis machine from manufacturer, Astiland will be the best professional Cryolipolysis machine factory choice, we provide the best professional Cryolipolysis machine with cost effective price, and all machines have CE and ISO13485 certification. And we have rich experience in supplying OEM ODM orders.



Brief Introduction of Professional Cryolipolysis Machine AS-CS1

Cryolipolysis is also called “fat freezing” for short. (cryo – cold, lipolysis – the intracellular breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids.) Cryolipolysis machines work by the treatment cups suctioning the skin and fat “like a vacuum”. The cooling plate then goes to work and the fat cells are slowly frozen and crystallized. This crystallization, ultimately, leads to the dissolution of the fat.

cryolipolysis machine principle

This is a non-invasive “freezing” technique that cools fatty tissue, induces lipolysis, and reduces body fat without damaging other tissues.

The AS-CS1 features the most user-friendly design with 8 different sized replacement cups to treat all body parts, even the chin area. The unique soft silicone gel head makes the vacuum suction most comfortable during treatment. The contact cooling zone is updated to 360°full contact, allowing more areas to be treated in one session. The AS-CS1 Cryolipolysis machine is highly effective, easy to use, and technologically advanced, providing a strong return on investment for fat removal.

Professional Cryolipolysis Machine Application

Cryolipolysis machines can be used for Cryolipolysis cellulite, fat freezing, and slimming of many body parts including chin, flanks, arms, back, hips, abdomen, and thighs.
Cryolipolysis machine application

Does Cryolipolysis Work

The short answer is Yes. A 2020 study found that Cryolipolysis using a new and more appropriate applicator is safe and effective for rapid reduction of unwanted fat in various parts of the body, according to the journal medicalnewstoday.

The study showed an average fat reduction of 15 to 28 percent about four months after the initial treatment.

Cryolipolysis Benefits

There are many benefits of Cryolipolysis, so Cryolipolysis machines are widely used in spas, clinics, etc.
1. Cool, comfortable and painless.
2. Non-invasive way to remove fat.
3. No anesthesia required, zero risk.
4. Safe with no downtime.
5. 20% fat reduction on average per treatment.

Ideal Candidate

Cryolipolysis is particularly effective in reducing localized fat. Ideal candidates are those who want to reduce localized fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms. These are often particularly stubborn areas where fat reduction cannot be achieved through diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis, while treatable for most people, is not a total weight loss solution. We recommend that the ideal candidate is within or close to their ideal weight range (BMI) and that people in this group will see the best results after treatment with a Cryolipolysis machine. Of course, it can also be a great additional motivator for those who are starting to make lifestyle changes.

Not for people with liver problems, Raynaud’s disease, severe cold urticaria, cold globulinemia, cold fibrinogenic hypoproteinemia
Not for people with severe frostbite, severe diabetes, and those who are intolerant to cryotherapy such as the elderly, young children, and the infirm.

Technical Parameters Cryolipolysis Machine AS-CS1

LightBlue LED
Cooling handle sizeBig handpiece 23cm*7cm, 23cm*7cm, 20cm*7cm, 18cm*7cm.

Small handpiece 15cm*6cm, 15cm*6cm, 13cm*6cm

Chin handpiece 8.5cm*4.3cm

Cooling device output temperature0,-5,-10 ℃
Cooling device output pressure0-100Kpa
Cooling systemWind+water+semiconductor+condensor
Screen8 inch color touch screen
Voltage220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Machine dimension50cm*60cm*28cm
Net weight38kgs
Ambient temperature5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
Relative Humidity≤80%
Atmospheric pressure88KPa ~110KPa


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