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Portable Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salon

Model: AS-800S+

AS-800S+ is one of the best fiber laser hair removal machines for beauty salons and clinics, direct sale from professional manufacturer Astiland.

Astiland is a professional manufacturer and supplier of laser hair removal machines, fiber laser hair removal equipment, and fiber laser hair removal equipment for salons and clinics, offering the best fiber laser hair removal machine 2022. support OEM/ODM, contact us now for more information.



Brief Introduction of Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salon

The fiber laser hair removal machine adopts FCD (Fiber Coupled Diode) technology, which couples the light generated by multiple diode lasers into a single-core multimode fiber through a microlens array to transmit the light to the target position. This innovative design ensures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long life, and easy maintenance of the diode laser. Fiber-coupled lasers are located inside the main unit rather than the handpiece. Thus, the laser energy is delivered to the target through the optical fiber, which significantly improves energy efficiency and handpiece life. A lighter handpiece makes it more convenient for doctors, while powerful cooling maximizes patient comfort. Astiland Fiber laser hair removal machine AS – 800S+ is the best choice for painless hair removal, ideal for beauty salons, hospitals, clinics, skincare centers, etc.

Fiber Laser Hair Removal Work Therapy

How Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine Works

The fiber laser hair removal system uses the most advanced three-wavelength 755/808/1064nm fiber laser technology to couple the light generated by multiple diode lasers into a single-core multimode fiber through a microlens array to provide short pulse destruction at the speed of 0.1 second lightning hair follicles. They are arranged in a stack, the laser chips are soldered on the heat sink to provide high output energy, the energy distribution is uniform.
With the lightweight ice treatment handle, it can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal more safely and quickly. The 1800W high-power dual cooling system brings a more effective, safer, and more comfortable treatment experience.

fiber laser hair removal 3 wavelenth


Key Features of Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. The gold standard for permanent hair removal.

2. Remove unwanted hair for any skin type, hair type.

3. Skin restoration: tightens skin, shrinks pores, and makes skin clearer.

4. Can be applied to the whole body for hair removal: hairline, lips, beard, underarms, body hair, and bikini hair removal.

5. The fiber diode laser allows the light to penetrate deeper into the skin and is safer than other lasers because it avoids the melanin in the skin’s epidermis. We can use it to permanently reduce all colors of hair on all 6 skin types, including tanned skin.

6. Fiber diode laser allows fast repetition rate up to 10Hz (10 pulses per second) for treatment on the move and fast hair removal for large area treatment.

7. The probe is built-in with good contact cooling technology for painless hair removal.

Fiber laser hair removal mashine support remove whole body hair

Advantages of Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salon

1. Triple wavelength 755/808/1064nm option. The advantage of 3 wavelengths is used for optimal coverage and penetration to achieve the best hair removal results. Expanded spot size achieves faster treatment and saves the operator’s time.

2. 1800W high-power lighting for fast treatment.

3. Multi-language interface with preset parameters for easy use.

4. More than 50 million handpiece shots lifespan.

5. Offers an optional patented small head for removing hair from small areas. Allows you to provide hair removal in more areas for your guests.

6. Laser components are installed in the machine instead of the handle.

6.1 No risk of handle burnout and high return on investment.

6.2 Reduce the weight of the handle to 0.65kg, comfortable to hold for a long time.

6.3 Better cooling than ever before, reducing cooling system configuration requirements, minimizing machine size, saving transportation costs, and saving space.

7. Unique integrated design laser components.

7.1 More concentrated energy output, to ensure >90% of the laser energy transfer rate.

7.2 -20℃ low-temperature sealing technology to avoid the risk of laser burns.

7.3 Tapered sapphire crystal laser output, uniform and vertical light output, maximizing treatment effect.

8. TEC and Sapphire Contact Skin Cooling Technology, long-lasting work, and comfortable treatment experience.

9. Handpiece with counter and sound signal during treatment.

fiber laser hair removal machine advantages

Benefits of Using Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salons

1. Gold standard for permanent hair removal system, hair removal is safe, fast, and does not damage the skin and sweat glands.

2. With a cooling device, the treatment and cooling can be carried out simultaneously, and hair removal is easy and painless.

3. Use the selective principle of light to effectively remove unwanted hair.

Technical Parameters of Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Beauty Salon

Laser typeFiber Coupled Laser
Wavelength755nm, 808nm, 1064nm
Laser power1200W
Pulse width5-600ms
Energy density1-120J/cm2
Skin typeI-VI
Screen15 inch touch screen
Spot size12mm*12mm
Cooling typeTEC+Sapphire contact cooling
Cooling temperature≤5℃
Machine size18*40*36CM
Net weight33kg


Overview Video

Astiland AS-800S+ Treatment Results

Fiber Laser Hair removal machine AS-800S+ treatment results


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