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Portable Fractional CO2 Laser Machine for Skin Rejuvenation

Model: CL-100

Astiland CL-100 is a portable CO2 fractional laser machine. It is a Fractional CO2 laser surgical system that uses the latest microprocessor-controlled technology, and is widely used for skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, and whitening in beauty salons, hospitals, clinics, and spas

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Work Therapy of Portable Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is designed to provide a non-invasive skin repair and rejuvenation procedure, using a fractional CO2 laser machine that divides the laser beam into thousands of microscopic treatment zones, marking multiple sections of the skin at once, similar to a photographic image being improved pixel by pixel. The fractional CO2 laser, made from carbon dioxide, removes the outer layer of damaged skin. The energy of the laser heats and damages the skin, causing it to trigger the production of new collagen, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.Fractional CO2 laser work principle

Brief Introduction of Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

The CL-100 fractional CO2 laser surgery system uses the latest microprocessor control technology with an LCD touch screen as the human-machine interaction platform, and is equipped with a user-friendly operating interface. These enhance the ease of control of the entire system.
The seven articulated arms (light delivery system) enable the entire system to output laser light with good guidance quality and high power density. the point of irradiation of the CO2 working laser is positioned by the diode aiming laser, adding to the safety and control of the system.
The series is equipped with an advanced fractional output function: dynamic scanning and random scanning modes are available in the “fractional output” operating mode. The microprocessor control system and precise optical scanners enable the output laser lattice to be tuned in number, shape and density, allowing a variety of methods to be constructed for more flexible and targeted treatment. The unique intelligently controlled random scanning technology allows sufficient time for each skin treatment spot to cool down, avoiding skin damage caused by heat build-up during treatment, and greatly reducing side effects while improving treatment results.

Features of Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

1. Seven jointed arms imported from Korea for maximum stable energy output.
2. Glass tube, air + water cooling system, has the best performance, the best efficiency, and prolongs the service life of the machine.
3. 6 types of matrix output graphics, able to provide personalized treatment to patients.
4. Supports surgical, fractionated, and vaginal treatment modes.Fractional CO2 laser machine features

Fractional CO2 Laser Machine Application

  • Skin Rejuvenation, resurfacing treatments.
  • Treatment of pores, enlarged pores, and other skin problems.
  • Repair sun-damaged skin.
  • Brighten skin tone, whiten skin.
  • Remove wrinkles, firm and tighten the skin.
  • Removal of various scars (acne, burns, post-surgical, trauma, stretch marks).

Fractional CO2 Laser Machine Benefits

Fractional CO2 laser treatments aim to stimulate collagen production in the skin, resulting in a gradual rejuvenation of the skin that can last for months or years.

  • The benefits of fractional CO2 laser treatment are as follows.
  • The skin texture is improved and the skin tone is evened out.
  • It may help treat pre-cancerous skin lesions.
  • Non-invasive and short downtime.

Specs of Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

Laser TypeGlass Tube Fraction co2 laser
Working CartridgesSurgical&Fractional, (Vaginal cartridges option)
Light Guiding SystemSeven Joint Arms
Laser wavelength10600nm
Aiming light wavelength635nm
Spot Size0.1mm*0.1mm to 20mm*20mm
Screen8.0 inch intelligent colorful touch screen.
Output GraphicsSquare,Triangle,Hexagon,Circle,Oval,Rectangle
Machine size61cm*29cm*21cm
Machine weight25kg


CO2 Fractional Laser Machine Treatment Results

Skin rejuvenation
co2 fractional laser machine treatmentAcne scar treatment
co2 fractional laser machine acne scar treatment

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