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Portable Spider Vein Removal Laser Machine to Remove Vascular Painless

Model: AS-VL

Astiland AS-VL is a 980nm diode laser spider vein removal machine, expert in painless spider vein treatment and superficial vascular skin changes.

Astiland is a professional diode laser spider vein removal machine manufacturer and supplier, we can provide you laser spider vein removal treatment equipment at factory price. We also support OEM/ODM service, and can offer you the best OEM and ODM service for professional thread vein removal machines.



Brief Introduction of Laser Spider Vein Removal Machine

Red blood capillaries are telangiectasias, also known as spider veins, which are usually tiny dilated blood vessels just below the surface of the skin, calibrated between 0.5 and 1 mm in size. They may occur anywhere on the body, but are more common around the nose, cheeks, and chin. They may also appear only in the lower limbs at the top of the legs, except for the entire ankle, usually just below the knee joint. Telangiectasias may occur when there is a malfunction of the valves within the blood vessels.

The 980nm laser spider veins removal machine uses a laser with a wavelength of 980nm to remove red blood capillaries and is effective for all causes of capillary exposure. During treatment, it also stimulates the skin’s collagen to re-grow, increasing the thickness and density of the skin. In this way, the spider veins will disappear and the elasticity of the skin will increase. The principle is that the porphyrin in the blood vessel absorbs the 980nm laser, coagulates the blood vessel, and then disappears, and the laser will not damage the skin at all.

princle of laser spider vein removal

How the Laser Spider Veins Removal Machine Works

The 980nm diode laser system is based on the thermal effect of the laser to remove spider veins, and is divided into 4 stages.
1. The laser is converted into heat.
2. Then the heat energy is transferred to the vessel wall.
3. The thermal energy is applied chemically to the tissue components of the vessel wall.
4. The vessel wall is damaged.
5. The red blood capillary is decomposed and removed.

Technical advantages of Diode Laser Spider Veins Removal

1.980nm laser is the best absorption spectrum of porphyrin vascular cells. Vascular cells absorb high-energy laser light with a wavelength of 980 nm, coagulate, and finally dissipate.
2. Overcome the traditional laser treatment of erythema to burn a large area of the skin, the professionally designed handle makes the laser beam focus within the range of 0.2-0.5mm in diameter, so that the energy can reach the target tissue more concentratedly, and at the same time avoid burning the surrounding skin tissue.
3. Laser can stimulate the growth of collagen in the dermis while vascular treatment, increase the thickness and density of the epidermis, so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, and the elasticity and resistance of the skin are also significantly enhanced.
4. Laser-based thermal action systems. Percutaneous irradiation (penetrating 1 to 2 mm in tissue) causes selective absorption of hemoglobin by tissue (hemoglobin is the primary target of the laser).
Laser spider veins removal machine advantages

Application of 980nm Diode Laser Removal

  • Vascular lesions
  • Capillary dilation (spider veins)
  • Spider angioma (radial spider veins)
  • Cherry angiomas (small red dots)
  • Rosacea (adult acne and flushing)

Laser Spider Veins Removal Machine AS-VL Advantages

1. Precise treatment, adjustable aiming light.
2.30W high energy output, suitable for professional laser spider veins removal use.
3. Traceless, painless, and fast treatment.
4. Modern color touch screen.
5. Three modes to choose from: continuous, pulsed, and single pulse treatment
6. Patented handle design, the spot size can be adjusted according to the diameter of the blood vessel.
7. Lightweight ABS injection box with storage space.

Laser Spider veins removal machine

Technical Parameters

Laser typeDiode laser
Laser Power30 Watts
Work modeSingle Pulse, Pulse, CW
Pulse frequency1-5Hz
Spot size0.5/1.0/2.0/3.0mm
Lifetime>10,000 hours
Laser conductFiber conduct
Pulse width1-200ms
IndicatorDiode laser 3mW 635nm
Cooling systemIntense wind cooling
Body materialABS
LCD Screen8.4 inch true color touch screen
VoltageAC 220V/110V 50/60HZ 5A/10A


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