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Professional 808nm Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

Model: AS-800S

Astiland AS-800S is a professional fiber 808nm laser hair removal machine, it is used to perform permanent hair removal quickly and effectively without damaging the surrounding tissues, using special cooling technology to cool the skin and protect it from damage for a very safe and comfortable hair removal treatment! With an optional patented small head that can be used to remove hair from small areas. Allows you to provide hair removal for more areas for your guests.

If you are looking for where to buy professional 808nm laser hair removal machine, Astiland will be your right laser hair removal equipment supplier. Supporting OEM/ODM, we can meet your needs for different levels of laser hair removal products.



Brief Introduction of Professional 808nm Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

AS-800S Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine adopts the most advanced 808nm wavelength fiber laser technology, combined with a light ice therapy handle, transmits short pulses at 0.1s lightning speed to destroy hair follicles, and achieves permanent hair removal through several treatments. The fiber laser generator is inside the machine, not in the handle, which is a definite advantage compared to the diode laser hair removal machine, the handle is smaller, lighter, and more durable, without any consumables. 1200W high power and dual cooling system make the treatment more effective, safe and comfortable.

Fiber 808nm laser hair removal

Working Theory of Professional 808nm Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

Professional 808nm fiber laser hair removal machine uses Fiber Coupled Laser technology, It is the light generated by multiple diode lasers coupled into a single core multimode fiber through an array of miniature lenses in order to deliver the light to the target location. This innovative design ensures uniform energy distribution, low damage rates, long life, and easy maintenance of the diode lasers. The fiber-coupled laser is located in the mainframe, not in the handle. Therefore, the laser energy is delivered to the target location via fiber optics, which greatly increases the energy efficiency and the longevity of the handle. The lighter handle makes it easier for the doctor to use, while the powerful cooling function maximizes the comfort of the patient’s hair removal process.

Fiber laser hair removal 808nm principle

Functions of Professional 808nm Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. Hair removal/reduction for men and women, any unwanted hair areas such as the face, lip, arms, underarms, chest, back, bikini, legs ……
2. The 808nm fiber laser has a longer light focus, allowing the light to penetrate deeper into the skin, making it safer than other lasers. We can use it to permanently remove hair in all locations on different skin types, including dark brown skin.
3.808nm fiber laser hair removal enables a rapid repetition rate of 10Hz (10 pulses per second), combined with moving treatment, can quickly remove hair, suitable for large area hair removal.
4. Lightweight probe, excellent semiconductor cooling technology, to achieve comfortable and painless hair removal.

808nm Fiber laser hair removal

Advantages of Professional Fiber Laser Hair Removal 808nm Machine

1. Stable 1200W high-power lightning processing.
2. Uniquely designed integrated laser components. The energy output is more concentrated, ensuring >90% laser energy transfer rate.
3. Conical sapphire crystal laser output, uniform and vertical light emission, the best treatment effect.
4. TEC and sapphire contact cooling for long working time and comfortable treatment experience.
5. The laser part is mounted on the machine, not on the handle. Better laser output and longer handle life.
6. >50 million shot life of the handle.
7. Offers an optional patented small head for removing hair from small areas.
8. Multi-language interface, preset parameters, easy to use.
9. The weight of the handle is only 0.65 kg, which can be held for a long time for treatment.
10. The cooling effect is better than before, which reduces the configuration requirements of the cooling system, minimizes the volume of the machine, and saves transportation costs and space.

Benefits of Professional 808nm Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. Achieve fast and permanent hair removal.
2. Safe and painless hair removal treatment process.
3. Suitable for removing any unwanted hair such as the face, lip, arms, underarms, chest, back, bikini, legs, etc.
4. Suitable for hair removal for all skin types, including tan skin.

Parameter of Professional Fiber Laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine

Laser typeFiber Coupled Laser
Machine power1200W
Pulse width5-600ms
Energy density1-120J/cm2
Skin typeI-VI
Screen15 inch touch screen
Spot size12mm*12mm
Cooling typeTEC+Sapphire contact cooling
Cooling temperature≤5℃
Machine size18*40*36CM
Net weight10kg

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