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Professional LED Therapy Machine for Estheticians

Model: HM-320

Astiland HM-320 is a professional LED light therapy machine for estheticians, it can be widely used in beauty salons, spa centers. Astiland has been specializing in aesthetics equipment machine manufacturing for 10 years, offering the best professional LED light therapy machine with competitive price. If you are looking for where to buy LED light therapy machine, Astiland will be the right LED light therapy equipment supplier for you. Support OEM/ODM, we can meet your different levels of product needs.



Brief Introduction of Professional LED Therapy Machine for Estheticians

HM-320 LED photodynamic therapy system adopts imported LED bulbs from the United States, with a purity of more than 99%, and a narrow-spectrum red and blue light source. It emits a single wavelength of light under the action of external electric field, forms different wavelengths of light through different LEDs, applies different power to the skin surface with different symptoms, acts on subcutaneous tissues, is absorbed by linear cell particles, and introduces more efficient photochemical and biological reactions— enzyme, promote reaction, improve cell activity, promote melanin decomposition and cell metabolism, make the skin excrete a large amount of collagen, and improve the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria. Achieve skin whitening, smoothness, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, and other treatment effects.
Across study after study, using the power of this professional grade LED light therapy, it can treat acne, age spots, wrinkles, rosacea, fine lines, and muscle pain, and inhibit and prevent skin cancer, without any discomfort or drugs.

LED photodynamic light therapy machine treat principle

Application of Professional LED Therapy Machine for Estheticians

1. Work as facial lifting machine LED light therapy.
2. Work as LED light therapy skin rejuvenation equipment.
3. Work as a LED light therapy device for muscle pain.
4. Work as a red light therapy device for hair growth and baldness.
5. Work with red light to improve hair volume, density, thickness, and strength.
6. As a skin rejuvenation therapy treatment machine, it can remove sun spots, pigmentation, wrinkles.
7. Use LED light therapy to treat macular, black sores, and folliculitis.
8. As a beauty instrument, it can smooth rough skin and shrink large pores.
9. Use LED light therapy to treat sunburn and lighten rosacea.
10. Use LED light therapy to improve skin condition and brighten skin tone.

LED photodynamic light therapy machine application

Advantages of Professional LED Light Therapy Machine for Estheticians

  • Easy to use, no harm to the skin, no side effects.
  • Painless treatment process.
  • Easy to operate, no professional training required.
  • Good treatment results for all skin types and ages.
  • Non-thermal, non-invasive and non-ablative.

Features of Professional LED Light Therapy Machine for Estheticians

1. The angle of the light plate can be adjusted flexibly, suitable for different coverage areas.
2. Articulated arm can be rotated, able to adapt to different operating angles and heights.
3. Touch screen display, easy setting, with timer system.
4. Blue, red, and mixed light options.
Red LED therapy – produce collagen and tighten the skin
Blue LED therapy – kill acne bacteria and lower blood pressure.
5. Three treatment modes: CW, pulse, and flash pulse.
6. High-quality LED: High intensity, 100,000 hours working life.
7. Effective treatment: the smallest shooting angle of light maximizes the focus energy.
8. Comply with EU medical equipment standards.

LED photodynamic light therapy machine three mode

Parameter of LED Light Therapy Machine HM-320

Light sourceLED gene biological light
Output WavelengthRed 630nm±5nm; Blue 430nm±5nm
LED Light power750mw/led lamp
ScreenColor touch screen
Power Density≤300mW/cm2
Number of LED lamps300
Machine Power350W
Voltage220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
System Size750*500*1400mm
Net weight40kg

Overview Video

Before and After Treatment
Before and after treatment using LED light therapy machine

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