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PDT LED Light Therapy Machine for Skin Rejuvenation

Model: L-20Plus

Astiland L-20Plus is a PDT LED Light Therapy machine, which is mainly used for Facial beauty, skin rejuvenation and tightening, acne bacteria reduction. Astiland is a professional PDT LED facial light therapy machine manufacturer, if you want to buy skin care PDT LED light therapy machine at factory price, please contact us now for more information. We also support OEM/ODM service, and can provide you with the best OEM and ODM service of professional LED Light Therapy machines.



Brief Introduction of PDT LED Light Therapy Machine

Photodynamic therapy (PDT for short) can successfully treat a wide range of skin conditions, and has been shown to rejuvenate aging skin. It is known to be one of the most effective and non-invasive ways to help restore and repair the skin.
LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. It is a special semiconductor material that emits a single wavelength of light in response to an external electric field. Different LEDs form different wavelengths of light and apply different powers to the skin surface, producing various beneficial effects on the skin or body.

PDT LED Light Therapy Machine for Skin Rejuvenation Beauty principle

LED photodynamics enhances skin cell activity and promotes skin cell metabolism, thereby increasing the secretion of skin collagen and fibrous tissue. With this treatment, your skin is firmer, less wrinkled, and looks younger. At the same time, LED photodynamic therapy can also activate porphyrins metabolized by Bacillus acnes, rapidly eliminate acne pustules through phototoxicity and cell death, and increase blood circulation, thereby treating mild to moderate acne.

Application of PDT LED Light Therapy Machine

1. Remove skin blemishes, sun spots, pigmentation, and reduce the damage of the sunlight on the skin.
2. Treat macular spots, dark sores, and folliculitis.
3. Lighten rosacea and capillary dilation.
4. Smoothes fine wrinkles and tightens sagging or aging skin.
5. Treats rough skin and shrinks large pores.
6. Treats dark or dull skin caused by insufficient metabolism or circulation, and brightens skin tone.
7. Relieve fatigue, reduce stress and improve sleep.
8. Treats hair loss caused by skin diseases or folliculitis.
9. Support skin immune response and improve skin condition.
10. Recovery of injured skin

PDT LED Light Therapy Machine for Skin Rejuvenation Beauty image

What Advantages of PDT LED Light Therapy Machine for Beauty

1. No harm to skin cells, no side effects.
2. Simple operation, no professional training required.
3. Painless treatment.
4. No irritation, no downtime.
5. Good treatment effect for all skin types and ages.

Features of PDT LED Light Therapy Machine for Beauty L-20Plus

1. Larger irradiation area, 1800 lights with curved full-coverage head design suitable for facial features.
2. Touch screen display for easy operation, with timer system.
3. Six color arrangements to choose from: blue, red, infrared, yellow, green, violet, the light’s button can be easily switched.
3.1 Red LED therapy – produces collagen and tightens the skin.
3.2 Blue LED therapy – Kills acne bacteria, lowers blood pressure
3.3 Infrared LED Therapy – Accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, promotes collagen formation.
3.4 Green LED Therapy – Maintains skin balance, promotes healing and collagen growth.
3.5 Yellow LED therapy – Increases the activity of the lymphatic system
3.6 Purple LED Therapy – Provides dual benefits of skin clearing (blue) and anti-aging (red).Can also be used to Cellular oxygenation and regeneration cells, promoting enhanced skin health and vitality.
4. Three treatment modes to choose from: CW, pulse, flash pulse
5. High quality LED: high intensity, stable capacity, long duration, 100,000 hours working life
6. Effective treatment: minimal shooting angle of light to maximize the focus energy.
7. Foldable design: the head incident angle is adjustable.

Parameter of LED Light Machine L-20Plus

Light sourceLED gene biology light
Output waveRed 640nm±5nm; Blue 470nm±5nm; Infrared light 850 nm±5nm,

Option:Yellow 590 nm±5nm, Green 525nm±5nm

Lightness:≥8000mcd(red light);≥4000mcd (blue light)
Light spot size440*280mm
Output power120W
Power density≤300J/cm2
Screen typeColor touch screen
Lamps number1800
Customer IC cardoptional
Voltage:220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Machine size52*25*55(cm)
Net weight14kg
Gross weight20kg

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