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Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal

Model: FiberMax

FiberMax is a vertical fiber laser hair removal machine, which is mainly used for permanent and painless hair removal quickly. Two hair removal heads are available, with an optional patented small head that can be used to remove hair from small areas. Allows you to provide hair removal for more areas for your guests.
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Brief Introduction of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

Fibermax Fiber Laser Hair Removal System uses FCD (Fiber Coupled Diode) technology, which is the most advanced fiber laser technology with three wavelengths of 755/808/1064nm. It works by coupling the light generated by the diode laser into a single-core multimode fiber through a microlens array to deliver the light to the target area.

FiberMax’s innovative design ensures uniform energy distribution, low damage rates, long life, and easy maintenance of the diode laser. The fiber-coupled laser is located in the main unit, not in the handle. As a result, the laser energy is transmitted to the target through the optical fiber, and the short pulse is delivered to destroy the hair follicle at a lightning speed of 0.1s, so as to achieve a rapid hair removal effect. 1800W high power and dual cooling system make the treatment experience more effective, safe, and comfortable.

Compared to diode lasers, The fiber laser hair removal machine’s smaller and lighter handle makes it easier for the doctor to use, while there are no consumables.

Fiber laser vs diode laser

Functions of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine FiberMax

1. High standard efficiency for painless and permanent hair removal.
2. Suitable for hair removal for any skin type, or hair type.
3. Rejuvenates the skin.
4. Suitable for men and women for hair removal on all parts of the body: face, lip, arms, underarms, beard, chest, back, bikini, legs, etc.
5. The light emitted by the light diode laser penetrates deep into the skin, and with the built-in cooling technology, it allows for fast hair removal on large areas, saving time and money.
6. With power up to 10Hz (10 pulses per second), the Light Diode Hair Removal Machine can move the treatment position quickly for the fastest hair removal results.

new fiber laser hair removal machine to removal all kinds of hair

Advantages of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine FiberMax

1. Three wavelengths are available 755nm/808nm/1064nm.
Using the benefits of 3 wavelengths, different wavelengths can be selected to carry out hair removal for different skin types and hair types.
2. The latest fiber laser hair removal technology allows for optimal skin coverage and penetration to achieve the ultimate hair removal effect. The expanded spot size of the probe allows for faster hair removal and saves time.
3. 1800W high power flash treatment
4. Multi-language interface with preset parameters for easy use
5. >50 million shot times handle life.
6. Laser parts are installed in the machine, not in the handle. The handle is not easy to be damaged, and has a longer service life and a high return on investment.
7. The weight of the handle is only 0.65 kg, which can be held for a long time for treatment, then a high ROI you get!
8. TEC and Sapphire cooling technology, there is a better cooling effect than ever before, enabling safe and comfortable painless hair removal.
9. Unique integrated design laser components. Can ensure a more concentrated energy output, to ensure > 90% of the laser energy transmission rate
10. -20℃ low-temperature sealing technology to avoid the risk of laser burning. Conical sapphire crystal laser output, uniform, and vertical light emission, to maximize the effect of hair removal treatment.
11. The handpiece has a counting function.
12. Optional patented small head for small area hair removal, such as lip hair.

new fiber laser hair removal machine advantages

Parameters of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine FiberMax

Laser typeFiber Coupled Laser
Wavelength755nm, 808nm, 1064nm
Laser power1800W
Pulse width5-600ms
Energy density1-120J/cm2
Skin typeI-VI
Screen10.4 inch touch screen
Spot size12mm*12mm
Cooling typeTEC+Sapphire contact cooling
Cooling temperature≤5℃
Machine size133*58*60CM
Net weight63kg


FiberMax Overview Video

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