• New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology

Emsliming Rf Body Sculpting Electromagnetic Building Muscle Stimulator Hi-emt Ems Machine

Astiland AS-VX2+RF is a powerful portable Hifem body sculpting machine combined with RF technology, this machine is particularly effective for muscle building and fat loss, ideal for beauty salons, fitness gyms, and physicians to help their clients lose fat and shape body.

Brief Introduction of Hifem body sculpting machine with RF Technology

The Hiemt body sculpting with RF technology is a powerful way to achieve muscle building, fat reduction, and body contouring using the combination of two technologies: high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves and RF technology.

The Hiemt releases high-frequency focused magnetic vibration energy to stimulate motor neurons to continually expand and contract their own muscles, reaching the limit of muscle contraction training – a contraction force that you would not normally achieve with exercise or gym workouts.
The addition of RF technology releases 68mhz of heat to heat and burn fat, increasing contraction while heating the muscles, doubling the muscle growth, and increasing the body’s blood circulation and metabolism. This RF stimulation will maintain a comfortable temperature without discomfort during the treatment.

The combination of these two energies will penetrate deep into the muscle and fat layers to achieve the perfect trifecta of muscle strengthening, skin tightening, and fat burning.

The 30-minute energy pulses stimulate 30,000 intense muscle contractions, thus helping to metabolize and break down fat cells in a powerful way. At the same time, it brings a new technical experience to body shaping by strengthening the muscles.

Hiemt Body Sculpting Machine with RF Technology Offers 5 Training Modes

HIIT + Hypertrophy – A training pattern to increase muscle and reduce fat
Hypertrophy + Strength – Training mode for increasing muscle strength and reshaping
HIIT – High-intensity interval training mode for a cardio fat loss workout
Hypertrophy – Training mode for muscle strengthening
Strength – Muscle remodeling mode for strength training

All workout modes are stepping workout routines, designed to feel and work well according to the actual workout.

The 30-minute workout routines include a 1-minute ‘stretch mode’, a 5-minute ‘warm-up mode’, a combination of 4 x 5-minute’ workout modes’, and a 4-minute ‘cool down mode’. Each set is essentially a step-by-step configuration ideal for body-shaping workouts, designed to provide the optimum frequency and intensity for each individual’s purpose.

Hiemt Body Sculpting Machine with RF Technology Advantages

  • New high-intensity focused electromagnetic wave and focused RF combination body sculptor.
  • There are five different muscle-building and fat-loss modes to choose from.
  • The RF dual channel supports independent control of energy output and supports the use of one or two handles to operate both energies simultaneously.
  • The RF energy is released out from the machine inside and the treatment is warm and comfortable without any damage to the skin or muscles.
  • The 180-degree handles are designed to better fit the curves of the arms and thighs for easy handling and better treatment results.
  • The four treatment handles have four channels to support the simultaneous output of two or four MRI energies, allowing two or four people to operate at the same time, making it suitable for multiple people to carry out treatments simultaneously.
  • It is safe and non-invasive with no electrical currents, no heat therapy, no radiation, and no recovery period.
  • No surgery, no injections, no drugs, no dieting, just lie back and burn fat, build muscle and sculpt your body.
  • Save time and effort, 30 minutes = 30,000 muscle contractions. (equivalent to 30,000 curls/squats).

Benefits of Using Hiemt and RF Body Sculpting Machine

√ Reduces fat, improves obesity, and slimming efficiency
√ Build a strong and healthy body
√ Slowing down the aging process and keeping the body young
√ Reduces chronic pain in muscles and joints
√ Helps smooth blood circulation
√ Keeps away from obesity and protects the uterus, intestines, and other organs.

Tech Specs of Hifem and RF Body Sculpting Machine

Handle no.

4 handles + Optional Pelvic Floor


110/230V~, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption


Output intensity

0-7 Tesla

The shape of stimulation pulse




Size( Height width x depth)




  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
  • New Hifem Body Sculpting Machine With RF Technology
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