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Slimming Machines Shock waves – Does Shockwave Machines Work for Body Slimming?

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If you are looking for shockwave machine for body slimming, this article may be of help to you. Some people may ask, what is shockwave? Can shockwaves work for body slimming? Read on, this article will answer you.

What is Shockwave

As defined in Wikipedia, in physics, a shock wave (also known as a shock wave), or shock, is a propagating disturbance that moves faster than the local speed of sound in a medium. Like ordinary waves, shock waves carry energy and can propagate through a medium, but are characterized by sudden, almost discontinuous changes in the pressure, temperature, and density of the medium.

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Shockwave Therapy
Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive outpatient treatment alternative to surgery for many joint and tendon conditions.ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) sends acoustic shock waves into the bone or soft tissue, actually re-injuring the area at the cellular level and breaking up the scarring that has penetrated the tendons and ligaments. The controlled re-injury of the tissue allows the body to regenerate blood vessels and bone cells. The resulting vascular regeneration leads to faster healing and often a return to pre-injury activity levels. This is a treatment method using powerful acoustic pulses and is used primarily for the treatment of kidney stones and in physiotherapy and orthopedics. Also, extracorporeal shock waves can promote the elimination of cellulite and the resulting slimming of the body.

Can Shockwave Slimming Body?

The short answer is YES.
Many research articles have shown that shock waves stimulate the metabolism of fat cells, effectively reducing cellulite and simultaneously stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing membrane permeability, as well as inducing new collagen production and new elastin production. Shockwave is therefore used for fat cell elimination and cellulite repair removal, and with shockwave treatment, skin tightening and slimming can also eventually be achieved.

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However, it should be noted that cellulite is usually present over a large area and no one treatment head can treat the entire area at once. Therefore, during treatment with shockwave, the treatment head needs to be moved so that each area receives an even amount of shock, i.e. you can start at one end of the treatment area and then push the treatment head towards the other end, such as most of the thighs, and once you reach the end stop the shockwave, lift it up, go back to the starting point and do it again. The advantage of this method on the back of the leg or thigh is the ability to push into the lymph nodes, much like a cellulite massage.

Slimming Machines Shockwave Recommend

We would like to recommend two shockwave slimming machines.

The first is the AS-ESWT, this model is a professional extracorporeal shockwave treatment machine. It offers 5 transmitters for versatile use in different places and has a high energy level of up to 6 bar and 20 Hz, for effective cellulite removal and skin tightening.

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Another model is the AS-CS1+, which combines shockwave and cryolipolysis into one system as slimming machines. Cryolipolysis freezes fat and reduces it quickly, and with the addition of shock waves that reduce cellulite and smooth and firm the skin, a slimmer figure can be achieved quickly and easily after treatment.

Shock wave slimming machine combine cryolipolysis

If you are interested in the slimming machines shock wave, please feel free to contact us now!

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