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Congratulations To Astiland For Obtaining Fibermax Product Inspection Report

Astiland is the Chinese leading manufacturer and provider of medical aesthetic equipment. We mainly engaged in the design, research, development, manufacture and sale for a wide range of applications including: Permanent Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Treatment, Tattoo Removal, Postpartum Rehabilitation, Laser resurfacing, Anti-aging treatment, Cellulites Reduction, Acne Treatments, Vasular Lesion Treatments. The relative technologies involve IPL, Laser, Cavitation, RF, Cryolipolisis, Photodynamic and home use medical equipment infrared thermometer. We do business with over 30 countries. Meet clients requirement for non-invasive beauty treatment, and supply humanized, cooperated, multifunctional platform solution which of safe, easy operation, excellent performance and reliable quality. We have strict production control to meet client satisfaction. We obtain quality control certificate CFDAISO 13485,and CE Marking.

Product information and test setup:

District professional medical facility environment.

special environment
Intended use: The fiber laser system can generate laser light for accidental hair removal. Deals with all hair colors, from black hair to white hair. Treats all skin types, from white to black.

Test site photos

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