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Hunan Astiland Medical Aesthetics Technology Co., Ltd. Participated In The Cosme Week Exhibition In Osaka
Cosme Week 2023, held in Osaka, Japan from September 27th to 29th, was a resounding success, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world. The event served as a platform for industry professionals to explore the latest trends and technologies, bringing together top companies and innovative products in the field of beauty technology.
    In September 2023, Astiland will attend the 4th Cosme Week exhibition at INTEX in Osaka, Japan. This is the company's first close contact with the Japanese market after the epidemic. This exhibition allowed customers in the Japanese market to have in-depth exchanges with us. At the same time, it also demonstrated cost-effective customized solutions tailored for the beauty and medical machine industry. It consolidated existing cooperative relationships, discovered a large number of potential customers, and laid the foundation for market development.
      This exhibition platform brings together many professional companies and buyers related to the beauty, health, and health industries. It not only supports the development of the beauty medical machine industry, but also demonstrates the vigorous development momentum of the beauty industry.
     How to use the latest beauty technology solutions to take the initiative and gain advantages in the smoke-filled market competition is a question that every beauty company must think deeply about.
     Astiland understands the current status of the beauty equipment market and uses this professional platform to showcase leading cost-effective customized solutions for the beauty and medical equipment industry to customers in Japan and surrounding countries, including fiber diode laser hair removal machines, high-intensity focused ultrasound, EMS muscle stimulation fat reduction machines, LED hair growth machine, shock wave pain therapy machine.
     The staff's product application explanations at the exhibition condensed practical wisdom and inspired beauty and medical machine companies to continuously overcome their own management bottlenecks and achieve faster development.
     When attending exhibitions, we are not timid in facing our target customers. We proactively said hello, asked for business cards, learned about their company’s products and services, and sent our catalog to take photos with guests.
We have collected many business cards from more than 200 exhibitors and 12,000 visitors who may cooperate with our company in the future
Enthusiastic staff patiently communicated with exhibitors. The features and advantages of the exhibits were fully demonstrated under the patient speeches and demonstrations of Astilan staff. After having a certain understanding of the products, the professional visitors and exhibitors on site expressed their enthusiasm. Demonstrate a strong intention to cooperate.
Through this exhibition, we have a deeper understanding of the Japanese beauty device market. Not only did we see the types of local hot-selling products and understand customer preferences, we also guided the company's new product development to match market demand. In the future, we will also be able to better serve our customers!
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