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Silky Smooth Revolution: Diode Laser Hair Removal Emerges as the Pinnacle of Effortless and Lasting Hair Reduction

Diode laser hair removal is a procedure aimed at permanently removing unwanted hair from our body. It is a modern alternative for people who have problems with excessive hair, to whom traditional methods such as razors or wax bring effect only for a short time.

Laser hair removal involves the penetration of a laser beam very deep into the skin, thanks to which not only unwanted hair but also its roots are removed. This procedure should be repeated because it works on hair growth, unfortunately not all hair grows at the same rate.

Diode laser hair removal is also helpful for ingrown hairs. Unwanted hair that has been removed with a clipper or wax very often cannot get back through the skin, which causes the hair to grow under the skin. Laser hair removal treatment also cope with ingrown hair, because it penetrates the root of the hair and destroys it completely, so there is no need to carry out previous treatments such as peeling.

Diode laser hair removal is also indicated if you have a problem with folliculitis. Folliculitis is an inflammation of the mouth of the bellows, which then passes to the entire follicle and its surroundings. Inflammation is manifested by a yellowish purulent vesicle with a permanent and tight cover, which is often pierced by hair, surrounded by inflammation.

Most often, the treatment of inflammation involves the administration of analgesic ointments and antibiotics, but these are agents that eliminate inflammation only for a short time, after which it often comes back. An effective device to fight this inflammation is the diode laser for depilation, because it eliminates the growth of hair follicles in a long-term way, making it an effective and safe method.

Epilation with diode laser bikini and armpits

Diode laser bikini hair removal is a procedure performed on a larger area of ​​the body, therefore it is usually performed with a large head laser. Diode laser depilation of the armpits is a procedure on smaller parts of the body for which a laser with a small head is enough. Both areas subjected to laser hair removal belong to those with high sensitivity to pain. Feeling pain during the procedure is however an individual matter and depends on each patient.

Diode laser hair removal - contraindications

Like any method, diode laser hair removal has some contraindications to its use. The main contraindications include:

- pregnancy and breastfeeding stones

- diseases such as psoriasis, albinism, diabetes or epilepsy

- skin prone to discoloration

- the hair color to be removed - gray, red and light will not react to the laser light

- recent surgery

- skin prone to scarring and discoloration

- pacemaker implanted

- a fresh tan

- drinking herbs in large quantities

- taking anticoagulants

- noticeable skin infections.


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