• Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT

Astiland Portable Ultrasonic ESWT Shockwave Therapy Machine for Physical Pain Treatment

Astiland AS-ESWT Shockwave therapy machine is a kind of extracorporeal shockwave therapy equipment, it is mainly used in clinical practice, such as physical therapy treatment, sports injury, rehabilitation treatment, and cellulite reduction. Astiland is a professional shockwave therapy machine manufacturer, if you want to buy shockwave therapy machine, please contact us now for more information.

Brief Introduction of Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy, is a clinical treatment that is effective in pain management, pain relief, and cellulite reduction.
Shockwave includes nonlinearity, high peak pressure, low stretch amplitude, short rise time, and short duration (10 ms). They feature a single pulse, wide frequency range (1-20 Hz), and high voltage amplitude to generate normal and reverse phase shock waves. The positive phase produces direct mechanical force, while the negative phase produces cavitation and bubbles, followed by a high-velocity implosion, producing a second shock wave.

How Shockwave Therapy Machine Works
Shockwave therapy device are based on unfocused low-energy radial wave technology, which are sound waves that deliver high energy to subacute, subchronic, and chronic pain sources and fibrous or skeletal tissue. This energy promotes the healing, regeneration, and repair process of tendons and soft tissues. It has been scientifically proven that non-focused low-energy radial waves have a great effect on collagen structure and skin connective tissue, improving blood circulation and promoting the metabolism of fat cells.

Pain relief, physical rehabilitation
Astiland AS-ESWT is a pneumatic ballistic multifunctional shockwave pain therapy device. AS-ESWT shockwave therapy machine can promote the formation of new blood vessels at the tendon-bone junction, stimulate tenocyte proliferation and bone tissue cell differentiation, increase leukocyte infiltration, improve and amplify growth factor and protein synthesis, stimulate collagen synthesis and tissue remodeling, and ultimately achieve pain relief.

Remove cellulite
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) machines send out similar pulses and create vibrations to attack fiber bundles around fatty deposits under the skin. It’s a technique that relaxes and destroys fiber and releases fat, water, and toxins. At the same time stimulates the production of very active and healthy new collagen fibers and gradually restores the elasticity and strength of the skin. The waves speed up blood circulation and more oxygen and nutrients reach these areas. The end result is a quick consumption of cellulite for permanently smoother and firmer skin.

Key Features of Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT

1. Shockwave therapy machine can target areas of chronic pain sources, the shockwaves will cause calcium deposits to dissolve and lead to better blood flow, thereby reducing pain.

2. High effectiveness, fast relieves pain.

3. Noninvasive, no anesthetic, convenient and fast.

4. Each nursing only 10 minutes, 5-10 nursing each session.

5. Widely applied to different soft tissue treatments.

Advantages of Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT

1. Powerful portable compact machine design.

2. High energy: up to 6 Bar, 20Hz.

3. User-friendly interface. The Shockwave therapy machine is preset with parameters and manual settings, and has a shooting counter.

4. Lightweight aluminum handpiece: easy to use, save cost on maintenance.

5. Built-in quiet air compressor, more stable and powerful energy compared with the electromagnetic shock wave.

6. 5 transmitters for multifunction use.

7. Factory direct sale, free OEM, free upgrade.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy Machine Wholesale

1. Stimulating and accelerating healing processes, promotes recovery from sports injuries.

2. Anti-inflammatory, treats tendonitis.

3. Promotion of bone growth and tissue regeneration, reduction of rehabilitation times.

4. Treats back, shoulder, plantar fascia, etc, relief of pain syndromes.

5. Body Reshaping.

6. Anti-cellulite treatment.

7. Improve skin elasticity.

8. Formation of growth factors at the cell level, tighten muscle connective tissue.

9. Repair and smooth scars and wrinkles.

10. Reduction of stretch marks.

11. Improves erectile dysfunction.

Technical Parameters of Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT

Energy generated

Compressed air


8.4 inch true color touch screen

Pulse frequencies

1 – 20 Hz,  stepping at 1Hz

Energy levels

1 – 6.0 Bar, stepping at 0.1Bar


5 transmitters (A6/D15/R15/D20/D35) 

F15 optional



Handpiece revision

4,000,000 shots





Power Specification

AC110/220V±10%, 50Hz-60Hz 16A

The Treatment Results of Removing Cellulite

  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
  • Professional Shockwave Therapy Machine ESWT
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