• Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal

Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal

Introducing our latest innovation in hair removal technology - the Pain-Free Precision Fiber Laser Hair Removal System. Engineered for efficiency and comfort, this advanced system offers a seamless solution for all skin types, ensuring a pain-free experience with lasting results.

Revolutionize Your Beauty Routine with Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

Our Precision Fiber Laser Hair Removal System is designed to transform your hair removal experience, combining state-of-the-art technology with comfort and efficiency.

Advanced Fiber Laser Technology

This system utilizes cutting-edge fiber laser technology to target hair follicles precisely, ensuring effective removal while maintaining skin integrity.

Why Choose Fiber Laser?

Fiber lasers provide a focused, intense beam of light for precise hair removal, significantly reducing the risk of skin irritation.
This innovative design ensures uniform energy distribution, minimal machine damage, extended lifespan, and simplified the maintenance of handpiece.

Benefits of Our Pain-Free System

Discover the unparalleled advantages of our hair removal system, from its pain-free application to its effectiveness across various skin types.

Lasting Results, Minimal Discomfort

Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin longer without the typical discomfort associated with traditional hair removal methods.

Brief Introduction of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine

Fibermax Fiber Laser Hair Removal System uses FCD (Fiber Coupled Diode) technology, which is the most advanced fiber laser technology with three wavelengths of 755/808/1064nm. It works by coupling the light generated by the diode laser into a single-core multimode fiber through a microlens array to deliver the light to the target area.

FiberMax’s innovative design ensures uniform energy distribution, low damage rates, long life, and easy maintenance of the diode laser. The fiber-coupled laser is located in the main unit, not in the handle. As a result, the laser energy is transmitted to the target through the optical fiber, and the short pulse is delivered to destroy the hair follicle at a lightning speed of 0.1s, so as to achieve a rapid hair removal effect. 1800W high power and dual cooling system make the treatment experience more effective, safe, and comfortable.

Compared to diode lasers, The fiber laser hair removal machine’s smaller and lighter handle makes it easier for the doctor to use, while there are no consumables.

Our Service Advantages

Packaging and Delivery
We use standard export packaging, which includes a carton with an aluminum box. We maintain strict packing standards and offer various logistics solutions based on customers’ requirements to ensure that you can receive the goods as soon as possible.

Supply Ability
We have a strong production ability to meet your market needs. We have a professional R&D team and own the factory ourselves. All of the products are sold directly from the factory.

Lead Time
For standard products, 1-3 days for in-stock items and 3-7 workdays for out-of-stock items after payment. For customized products, the delivery time depends on specific circumstances.

Functions of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine FiberMax

1. High-standard efficiency ensuring painless and permanent hair removal.
2. Suitable for hair removal on any skin types, or hair types.
3. Rejuvenates the skin.
4. Suitable for both men and women for hair removal on all parts of the body: face, lip, arms, underarms, beard, chest, back, bikini area, legs, etc.
5. The light emitted by the light diode laser penetrates deep into the skin, and with its built-in cooling technology, it offers efficeint hair removal on large areas, saving both time and money.
6. With a power output of up to 10Hz (10 pulses per second), the Light Diode Hair Removal Machine can quickly move the treatment position, achieving the fastest hair removal results.

Advantages of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine FiberMax

1. Triple wavelength: 755/808/1064nm.
2. 1800W high power lightning fast treatment.
3. Multi-language interface and preset parameter.
4. > 50 million handpiece shots’ lifespan.
5. Laser parts installed in machine not handpiece:
● No handpiece burning risk, makes high return on investment.
● Reduce handpiece weight to 0.65kg, comfortable hold for long time. 
● Better cooling than ever, reduced refrigeration system configuration requirements, minimize machine size, save shipping cost and save space.
6. Unique integrated design laser parts:
● More focused energy output, ensure >90% laser energy conductivity
● -20℃ low temperature sealing technology, avoid laser burning risk. 
● Conical sapphire crystal laser output, uniform and vertical light emission, maximum treatment result.
7. TEC and sapphire contact cooling for durable working and comfortable treatment experience.
8. Handpiece with counter, optional patent small tip for small area hair removal.

Advantages of Fibermax Compared to Other Hair Removal Methods

for different skin and hair types:3 different wavelengths can be selected.
· Save time. Exxpanding the size of spot for faster hair removal treatment.
· Easier to use. Design with a multi-language interface comes with preset parameters.
· Lighter handpiece (only 0.65kg). It can be held by hand for a longer time during treatment.
· Better cooling effect. Enabling safer and more comfortable hair removal treatment.
· Unique laser output design. Maximizing the effect of hair removal treatment.
· The handle is not easy to be damaged, and has a longer service life and a high return on investment. 

Display Photo

Handle Photo

Parameters of Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine FiberMax

Laser type

Fiber Coupled Laser


755nm, 808nm, 1064nm

Laser power


Pulse width


Energy density




Skin type



10.4 inch touchscreen

Spot size


Cooling type

TEC+Sapphire contact cooling

Cooling temperature


Machine size


Net weight


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Astiland is a professional manufacturer with over 14 years experience and has been certified by the ISO 13485 and offers CE-labeled and FDA -listed medical beauty equipment. Our competitive product line covers Shockwave, Cryolipolysis, LED Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, HIFU, Tesla Body Sculpt Machine. These products are popular among distributors, beauty salons, beauty schools, and doctors. Our comprehensive services, which fully meet customer needs, include standardized product sales, customized production, overseas certification application, and OEM production, and have earned us a high reputation in the market.

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1. who are we? 
We are Astiland, a professional medical beauty equipment manufacturer with over 14 years of experience, committed to providing high-quality, innovative products.

2. How can we guarantee quality? 
We guarantee quality through ISO 13485 certification, FDA listing, CE labeling, and a focus on R&D for high-standard products.

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From us, you can buy a range of medical beauty equipment, designed for various aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

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You should choose us for our proven track record, commitment to innovation and quality, and comprehensive customer support.

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We provide not just products, but also technical support and after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
  • Vertical Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine For Painfree Hair Removal
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